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Amberscript lifetime deal – Transform your audio and video into text and subtitles instantly

High accuracy, on-demand service

Transform your audio and video to text and subtitles

Are you someone who needs to transcribe audio and videos around? Hats off to you my friend, because we know what you’ve been through (Rubbing your eyes and smashing your head with the monitor for hours).

Transcribing audio and videos manually may feel like punishment. What if you could use an AI-powered platform that will automatically transcribe for you with accuracy?

It will save you a lot of time and hassle. keeping that in mind, I’ve come up with a reliable solution for you.

Info: Meet Amberscript.

In this article, you will learn more about Amberscript. And how it can save you from the hassle by transcribing audio and videos automatically.


What Is Amberscript?

Amberscript is a transcription and subtitling tool that uses amazingly accurate AI engines to automatically convert your audio or video to text and subtitles.

It’s an alternative to Trint and AegiSub. Amberscript is best for marketers, producers, journalists, and creators that need quality transcriptions and subtitles for audio and video.

With Amberscript you will get instant, highly accurate transcript drafts that you can edit and export into multiple text and subtitle file formats.

Use the online editor to highlight parts of transcriptions, change content, find and replace words, rename speakers, and more.

Info: Learn more about Amberscript

Amberscript Features

Amberscript is all about automated text and subtitles. So, it comes with features to make it as professional as possible. Some of the widely used features are given below-

Automatic transcription

Amberscript comes with a fully automated transcription tool that allows you to convert your audio and video to text. Simply upload a file, the AI will recognition speech automatically.

And save a lot of your valuable time. Also, you can use an online text editor, import and export multiple files, and more.

Manual transcription

You can also transcribe your audio and videos by Amberscript’s own dedicated transcribers.

All you have to do is, upload your files, select language, Amberscript’s dedicated transcribers will review the automatically generated texts, also a quality checker will check the result to ensure everything is in order.

Automatic subtitles

Do you want to add subtitles to your videos? Well, you can do so fully automatically with Amberscript. Simply upload a file, review the text with an online subtitle editor, and export. Is that simple?

Transcribe voice to text

Do you want to convert your meetings, lectures, voice notes into text? If so, Amberscript is the tool to go for.

Simply download Amberscript on your android or iOS, record in one tap or upload, and you are done. Review the result, if satisfied, export the file.

Info: Click here to learn more about Amberscript features.

Amberscript Pricing

Amberscript comes with two pricing sections, Product Automatic transcription software, and Service Manual transcription.

You can get the Automatic software with either a pre-paid plan or on a monthly subscription basis. The Pre-paid plan starts from 10 USD, and the monthly subscription plan starts from 40 USD per month.

You can also start using Amberscript with their Manual transcription plan. It will cost you 1.2 USD per minute with an Advanced dashboard, 11 languages, Optimal security and privacy, Multiple speakers distinction, and more.


Amberscript Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

The days of manually transcribing your audio are over. (The caption here would probably read, β€œ[applause and happy marketer sounds].”)

If you want to leverage your audio and video content across channels, Amberscript makes it a cinch to transcribe your recordings and add subtitles for accessibility.

Ready to open your content up to exciting new audiences? Get lifetime access to Amberscript today!

One Time Purchase of $69.00 $240.00

  • Editable automatic transcriptions and subtitles
  • Instant text drafts
  • Online text editor
  • Advanced dashboard
  • 39+ supported languages
  • Optimal security and privacy
  • Multiple speakers distinction
  • 2 hours of uploaded audio or video per month


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How To Buy Amberscript Lifetime AppSumo Deal @($59)

  • Visit the β€œAmberscriptΒ Lifetime AppSumo” deal page.
  • Wait for some seconds, An Discount popup will appear.
  • Enter your Email to receive the exclusive benefits.
  • Continue with the same email id.
  • Get a 10$ discount at the end.
  • Discount valid for new users only.


Amberscript Deal Review (Conclusion)

By using AI to help you get better transcripts and subtitles, Amberscript can help your business to get more out of every video that you produce! With the ability to get higher ROI from your videos, Amberscript can help you get more value from all your videos and make it easier to reach clients and build your business.

So what are you waiting for? Get Appsumo Lifetime Deal Now!


Most of these deals will be sold out within one week of their launch onΒ AppSumo. So be sure to grab them while you can.

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