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Are you analyzing your website traffic? It is very important for you to analyze how many visitors are coming to your website, where are they coming from, and what they do after visiting your site. When it comes to website analysis, the only name come to your mind is Google Analytics.

Do you know there are many different types of analytics solutions available in the market that can take a different approach to website traffic monitoring?

Why You Should Use Analytics?

If you want to run your online business website successfully, you must use an Analytics solution which helps you to collect users data and provide efficient insight. Here are a few things you can learn from analyzing your website:

  • Traffic count- the number of visitors coming to your website.
  • Traffic source. For example- Organic search (Search engines), Social media, Advertisement, Referral links etc.
  • The activity of users when they are on your website.
  • Which page is favourite to users. And more.

A proper Analysis solution will present all the information related to your website’s traffic data in front of you as a simple understandable report so that you can easily send more traffic to your website and get more sales. Let’s take a look at which five of the Analytics solutions are the best in the market.

1. MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights is one of the best analytics solutions for WordPress powered website. It has over a million active installs. With this plugin, you can easily install Google Analytics on your WordPress that gives you comprehensive tracking features.

Google Analytics has been created to track complete user activity on your website, such as e-commerce transformations, form-submissions, downloads etc. But the problem is, you have to manually configure these features to use the full potential of Analytics tracking. Manually set up Google Analytics for each purpose can be time-consuming, especially if you are a beginner.

That is why MonsterInsights will be beneficial for you. Β It allows you to easily install Google analytics in WordPress. And makes it easier for you to enable different tracking features in just a few clicks. This plugin will save your time. With MonsterInsights you can easily review your site performance report right away from your WordPress Dashboard, no need to login to your Analytics account. This plugin will also show your users favourite article, top page and other activities that help you to grow your confidence level, publish better content, and send more traffic on the website.

MonsterInsights has both a free and Premium version. You can get the free version form the official WordPress Plugins repository. If you need all the enhanced features then go for the premium version.

2. Heap


With Heap, you can automatically monetize all user interactions such as page views, clicks, gestures, form submission and more. Heap is so different from Google Analytics because this system has been created with different things in mind so that it can take an innovative approach and gives you an amazing experience of tracking. For example- Google Analytics can only track page views automatically on other hand Heap can track every event automatically whether it is web or mobile.

Heap is filled with some amazing features that can be really handy for you. For example- Heap lets you allocate consistent custom properties across sessions. You can combine both web and mobile sessions and track as an individual user. You can evaluate a user based on his email address, age, total revenue, payment plans and so on.

If you are finding an Analytics solution that lets you easily set up conversion funnels using Event Visualizer, give you a graph report, unlimited session, gesture tracking then Heap can be very beneficial for you. Heap has both a free and paid version. With the free version, you will be able to track 5000 sessions and if you need the full version you can get company licensed version by custom pricing.

3. Matomo

Matomo is a leading open source analytics solution that allows you to track the user’s interaction on your website. It was formerly known as Piwik. It has both a free self-hosted version and a premium cloud-hosted version. You can evaluate the entire user experience of your audience’s behaviour with Hotmaps, session recording, funnels, form analytics, goals and conversion optimization features and A / B testing.

Matomo is an analytics tool that is very flexible and customizable. Since it is an open source Analytics solution there are some advantages, you’ll be able to make changes or add or extend almost anything.

  • You have the option to choose between Cloud host or self-host
  • Migrate your data anytime to the hosting option
  • You can customize or extend the capability as needed
  • You can Import and analyze RAW data
  • It also lets you analyze Mobile users
  • APIs and more.

You can use the Self-hosted Matomo version for free or if you want to use the Enterprise features then you can contact them for a custom price.

4. Mixpanel


Mixpanel helps companies to grow their business by providing users data. It can deeply analyze user behaviour and how the user engages with your product or services. You can use Mixpanel for websites as well as mobile apps. With Mixpanel Visualizer, you can learn deeply about your users and do segmentation analysis.

Mixpanel also allows you to compare different groups of users behaviour and let you understand about users interaction with your product or services. With Mixpanel you can easily create funnels to track customers and increase conversions. Mixpanel built with some amazing features so that it can take a unique approach to your site and let you understand more about your audience.

  • Users behaviour analytics
  • Deep data analytics on demand
  • Messaging and testing – send targeted messages and experiment
  • Validate your data automatically
  • Boost campaign performance by targeting specific user groups

Mixpanel can also increase your reach and influence your users through push, email, SMS, and in-app messages. It has a downside, the setup process is not so easy when compared to MonsterInsight. So set up Mixpanel can be a little bit tricky for beginners.

You can use Mixpanel by choosing a free plan, you can choose the Enterprise plan if you want all the enhanced features and can contact them for a custom price.

5. Adobe Analytics


Adobe Analytics created by Adobe System especially to do advanced analytics for enterprise-level websites. Like the other 4 services shown above, it also allows you to deeply learn about your audience. And let you understand how your customers are interacting with your services through visualization, multichannel data collection and advanced analysis.

In order to give you a better understanding of your customers, it virtually collects data from the web, email, campaigns, web-based kiosks, mobile devices, client-server applications, and most applications that access the internet. It has almost all the Analytics features that you’ll need to run a successful enterprise-level website. Some of the key features are-

  • Offline data integration, Custom variable, Tag management
  • Advanced segmentation, Flow analysis, Advanced calculated metrics
  • Real-time data, Anomaly detection, Intelligent alerts
  • Audience Analytics, Mobile marketing, Remarketing triggers and many more.

Adobe Analytics allows you to measure user interaction on your mobile apps to deliver better digital experiences across all platform.

Which Analytics Should I choose?

Which one is better for your website it always depends on your needs.

If you need an Analytics solution to track event, eCommerce, affiliate links, form and other basic staff then you can choose MonsterInsight. It combined with Google Analytics and could be a perfect solution you.

Or if you need all the high-end features to run an enterprise level website then choose between Adobe Analytics or Heap.

Hope that you enjoyed this article. Have a good day.

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