Best 5 appointment and booking plugin for WordPress

Do you have any business website that needs an appointment booking form which allows website visitors to easily book an appointment or reservation on your website? Then you’ll have to give your visitors a better experience in the booking process.
If your booking process is not good or easy then it might take a bad impact on your business and reputation.
There are many Booking plugins available for WordPress Website that can make it easier for you to transform your existing website into a fully functional online appointment or reservation system.
That way you can ensure a better booking experience for your visitors, which is obviously good for your business as well as reputation.

Which one is the best?

There are so many booking plugins available in the market, each plugin comes with various necessary and unnecessary features. It can be quite difficult for you to choose the right one that fits with your needs. Though there are many booking plugins available, every good quality plugin has a few features that make it different from others. You need to look for these aspects to choose the right one for your WordPress website.

  • Features: First, specify which features are you expecting from a Booking plugin. Because if you understand what is your need then it will save your money as well as time. Choose a plugin that can help you with Booking calendar, Online Payments, Offline Payments, auto email notification after booking accepted, etc.
  • Responsive: The Booking Form should work perfectly on mobile, tablets. Because most of the user use mobile instead of a computer to Book Appointment online. A good booking plugin ensures better user experience because it’s the key to success in online business.
  • Service: Choose a Booking Plugin that can manage Appointment Booking and also manage Reservation bookings like Hotel bookings.

Now let’s see the best 5 Booking Plugins for WordPress Powered websites in 2019.

1. Start Booking

Start Booking is one of the best and complete appointments and booking form plugin available in the market. It allows you to create an appointment or booking form in a short period of time and let you add it on your website.
With Start Booking, your appointment or booking form will be fast so that your customers have better user experience and get a high performing form. This way the chance of converting a visitor into a customer is higher.
It comes packed with a large set of features that helps you to create a booking form as your needs so that any potential customer could not find any reason to leave your site without booking an appointment. Start Booking allows you to customize the plugin fully and optimize booking flow the way it fits for your website.
It has a lot of useful features, We are not going to discuss all the topic here because then it’ll be too long. But some of the key features are Classes & Group Booking, Services Management, Booking Locations, Staff Management, Booking Calendar, Booking Appointments, Smart Booking Technology, Customer Management and more. Even though this plugin is already powerful it allows you to extend its capability by integrating with WordPress Booking Plugin, Stripe Integration, Two-way Google Calendar Integration and more are coming soon.

2. BirchPress

BirchPress is powerful and one of the well-decorated booking plugins available in the market. Using it you can easily add a professional grade online booking management system on your website in a very short period of time. It allows you to embed a booking form in a page or post via shortcode. Also, It allows your visitors to check availability directly from your website and let them book appointments or make reservations online.
It also allows you to work with your existing calendars like Google, iCal, iPhone, Android, or Outlook and let you import or export your appointments and availability automatically. With BirchPress customization is easy, you will be able to design or build your booking form quickly using the built-in form editor.
One more beneficial feature is Email notifications, you can simply set notification emails that you want to send to your customers once they booked an appointment, rescheduled or canceled. It also lets you customize email configuration or send friendly emails to your customers about upcoming appointments.
With BirchPress you can easily create appointment booking forms for Health & Wellness, Education, Healthcare, Fitness & Recreation, Professional Services, Salon & Beauty, Auto & Home Services and many more kind of services.
In other word, BirchPress has all the necessary features that are required to customize or create beautiful booking forms.

3. Bookly

Bookly is one of the most powerful and easy to use Appointment booking solution plugin, that has over 24 thousand active installs. The interface is clean and easily understandable. With Bookly, you can easily create or design appointment booking forms in a very short period of time that fits with your website. It can save a lot of your valuable time.
Even if you don’t have much knowledge about WordPress, you can easily use this plugin. Just Download Bookly, install, setup and you’re ready to act. They are offering you a collection of demo forms, by observing these demos you can simply create the ultimate booking forms that attract your customers to go further. Don’t give your customers any reasons to leave without booking.
Though Bookly is already a powerful solution for appointment or reservations type of needs it allows you to extend its capabilities by installing various add-ons. It allows you to accept payments online, customize the entire configuration and its completely responsive to all kind of devices.
Bookly can be the best booking solution for Consultancy, Medical, Repair Services, Ticket Booking, Food and Beverage, Dental, Car Rental, Spa and massage and more.

4. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is a popular Appointment booking plugin for WordPress powered website. More than 40 thousand websites use this plugin as their reservation or appointment booking solution. With Booking Calendar, you can easily add, delete, or modify booking forms in a very short time.
It allows your visitors to check availability and make reservations for specific days or time slots. It also lets your customers search for available properties or services and pay online to confirm bookings directly from your website.
One more useful feature is Email notifications. Using this feature, you can configure email notification and set email that you want to send to your customer once they’ve confirmed the booking. Booking Calendar lets you Configure the booking form structure and the fields, and if you want to customize more it allows you to do that too. You’ll be able to choose from a range of sleek calendar skins so that it fits with your website design.
Booking Calendar comes with more useful features like Responsive Front-End Design, Online Payment, Independent Booking Calendars, Email Templates, Multiple Bookings, Specific Time Bookings, Multi-Language Support, Multi-User Functionality, Advanced Day Selection and many more.

5. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments is a lightweight appointment booking plugin for WordPress. It’s super flexible, you’ll be able to manage easily all of your appointments with calendar, scheduler, and layout. Also, checking the customers booking history or other information is easier than ever with this plugin.
One more must needed feature is email notifications. The easy appointment allows you to configure the email notification system as you want, so that your customers get email notification on their every change like schedule, bookings, modifications or cancellations. And if changed have been made by your side, you’ll be able to notify your customers via email.
Every form you design or create using Easy Appointment will be responsive to all kind of device like a desktop, mobile, or tablet. It allows you to translate the user interface in more than 21 languages. also has more beneficial features like Google Calendar Sync, Services and Service Providers, Business Workflow, Booking Rules, Stand Alone Installation, User Community, Multiple Attendants, REST API and more.

Which one should I choose?

We have just described the best 5 reservation or appointment booking plugin for WordPress powered websites.
And we think BirchPress would be the perfect match for your needs because it comes with all the necessary features. It easy to use, the interface is clean, easily understandable, and powerful. It is a premium plugin and it packed with all the premium features that will help you a lot to grow your business by satisfying your customers.
And if you want to use a completely free solution then go for Easy Appointment.
Hope that you enjoyed this article and found the best fits for your needs.

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