Best 5 live chat software for your websites


Are you looking for a Live Chat solution for your website?Β  If yes, then this article is for you.

Because in this article you’ll learn about why Live Chat facility is needed, beneficial features and how to choose one.

In a recent survey report, we’ve come to know that more than 60% of customer leave their shopping cart without checking out.

Only because they confused about the product or services and hasn’t got any option to know about the goods immediately.

Therefore, you need a proper Live Chat solution to allow your customers to communicate with you or your team in order to learn more about your goods.

This way you’ll be able to help your customers to make a purchase decision.

Why Use Live Chat Software/Plugin On Your Website?

There are many benefits of using live chat plugin on your website. As you’ve already aware one of the major reason for using Live Chat is, it helps your customer make a buying decision.

Customers want to know about your site, your products or services, and they want to know immediately.

And if they haven’t got their answer, they might leave the shopping cart as well as your site obviously.

But this is not the only benefit of using a Live Chat Software.

There Are More Like-

  • Trustworthy: Your customers are getting whatever information they need and also you are gaining their trust. And once a customer leaves your site with complete satisfaction, there is more chance that the customer might come back again.
  • Increase sales: Live Chat allows your customers to communicate with you or your team in order to know their required information about your goods. This way it increases sales.
  • Generate Leads: Live Chat Plugin or Software allows you to integrate the chat box with email marketing services so that you can collect leads. If customers leave your site without checking out, you can target them later and convert them into sales.
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score): NPS is one of the ways to measure your customer’s loyalty. Once a chat is over, it runs your customer through a short NPS survey. And let you know how likely they will recommend your products or services to their friend and family.

Now let’s see the best 5 Live Chat Plugin/Software for your website that you can use for your website.

1. LiveChat


​LiveChat is one of the best and leading live chat tools available in the market. You can use this amazing tool as a Web app, Desktop apps, LiveChat on mobile, and it also gives you Cloud capability.

That means you can chat with your customer from wherever you are, without logging into your WordPress admin panel.

It packed with all the advanced features that are required to give your customer the best support experience. It has excellent chatting tools like Message sneak-peek, Canned responses, Rich messages support, File sharing, Timeline, Chat tags, Visitor banning and more.

LiveChat allows you to customize the chat interface as you like.

You can change the Chat window themes, Company logo, Social media buttons, Agent profiles, Engagement graphics, White label live chat and so on.

It gives you the ability to analyze by providing reports of Basic statistics, Chat, and Ticket.
LiveChat also allows you to analyze further by adding the filter and more options.

It has more beneficial features like-

  • Team management
  • Getting feedback
  • Visitors tracking
  • Advanced Security

Even though it is a powerful tool yet it allows to expand its capability by integrating with various services like Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, MailChimp, Dropbox and more.

2. Olark


​Olark is one of the most popular and easy to use Live Chat software. Olark Live Chat can help you grow your business by increasing sales, amazing support and acquiring leads.

It comes with a lot of excellent features.

Among them one of the amazing features is, it allows you to identify quality leads and let you engage with them using features like automated messaging, custom pre-chat surveys, detailed visitor insights, and in-depth reporting.

Olark let you integrate with more than 20 different powerful services to grow your growth faster and makes it easier to send leads and data from chat to your CRM, e-commerce platform, analytics software, and more.

Olark also allows you to configure live chat automation. With Olark you can apply automation rules to engage more customers in order to speed up your workflow.

It let you automate to send greeting automatically to your customers, detect visitors behavior and send custom messages based on that, and many more.

3. Zendesk Chat


​As you already know that Zendesk one of the best help desk support software provider. And remember Zopim? Zopim is an award-winning live chat software.

Recently Zendesh acquired Zopim and that way Zopim has become a part of the Zendesk brand.

If you’ve used Zendesk then you have a few advantages. You already know about how to provide support and about how it integrates with your existing support software.

Zendesh runs perfectly with WordPress, Salesforce and other third-party services as well.

It allows you to track your chat volume and agent metrics. That way you’ll get a better idea of which days are the busiest. And if you analyze metrics, then you’ll have a better idea of what an anticipate customer needs.

And this way you’ll be able to increase customer satisfaction.

With Zendesk Chat, analyzing what a potential customer wants has become easier. It keeps track of all the past chat conversations history and allows you to browse them by date, department, agent, visitor or even a specific tag.

Zendesh also sends you an email notification if you were busy during the day and haven’t got time to check Analytics.

So that you can check the performance, complete with missed chats, average response time, satisfaction scores and many more.

4. SnapEngage


SnapEngage is yet another easy to use Live Chat solution for your website and you can easily connect it on your site.

It offers live chat service of almost all kind of business. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large.

It allows you to integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesh, Bizible and many more services including CRM, help desk, project management, and marketing solutions.

SnapEngage allows you to automate your workflow. It automatically synchronizes leads and contacts with your CRM or help desk. You can also customize your workflow with mapping and unlimited fields.

SnapEngage detects customer behavior and based on that it let you set advanced rules and triggers.

It integrates with Google Analytics and gives you the ability to track live chat events and let you measure engagement and performance statistics and inform data-driven decisions by using Google Analytics.

To create quality customer experiences and detect training opportunities, SnapEngage let you learn further by analyzing agent performance report.

By analyzing this report you’ll be able to learn more about your agent’s response times, chat duration, agent availability, post-chat survey ratings, chat transfer activity and more.

5. LivePerson


​LivePerson is a powerful live chat software that bloated with a lot of powerful features. And it is one of the best messaging and bots platforms that allow you to be in touch with your customers both onsite and offsite.

The AI-powered conversational platform makes it easier for potential customers to purchase goods and get answers to questions in messaging channels they are already using.

LivePerson allows you to keep tracking the conversion of your customers while you are offering one-on-one customer service by integrating with Facebook messenger.

Instant messaging support is far better than pick up the phone and wait on hold. That is why it comes with native messaging capability.

It allows you to expand the functionality of your mobile app or website so that you can help your customer to get answers and questions while they are browsing your goods.

This way you can multiply the sales up to 3x.

πŸ“ Which One Should I Choose?

We’ve tried to let you learn about the best 5 Live Chat solution for your business. We’ve described almost all the key features of each software.

Now if you ask for a suggestion, we’ll suggest you choose LiveChat. We think this will be the best live chat solution for your website.

It’s lightweight as well as comes with a lot of handy features.

Though it is a powerful tool yet it allows you to integrate with a lot of powerful services to expand the capability, which is amazing.

We hope you enjoyed this article and also found the best solution for your needs.

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