The best 5 LMS plugin for WordPress in 2019-2020

Are you planning to start a business that relates to online courses? Then this article can be beneficial for you because in this article you’ll talk about LMS plugins (Learning Management System).
LMS plugin will help you to create, manage, sell online courses easily. Using this plugin, you’ll be able to transform your WordPress powered website into a fully functional online course service site like Udemy.

Why use LMS plugin?

Previously we discussed Membership plugins. Since you are planning to start a business relates to selling online courses, you might be wondering you already have a Membership plugin so you don’t need an LMS plugin.
You might think that the job of a Membership plugin and an LMS plugin looks similar but actually, it is not. The necessity of an LMS plugin is far more than a typical Membership plugin. It helps you to give your students immersive learning experience.
How does a Membership plugin work in this kind of field? A student just enrolls in a course and start learning. On the other hand, an LMS plugin interacts with your students with a various contest, and fun. And makes the learning process enjoyable for your students rather than just boring video streaming.
An LMS plugin help you with some of the key features like-

  • Feedback– An ideal LMS plugin provides instant feedback so that your students have an idea of how well and how far they have learned in that course.
  • Points- Once a student accomplished any course, they’ll get points and later another course will be unlocked based on how much points they have earned.
  • Reward- Allow you to give your students a reward or certificate every time they reach a milestone. That way you can encourage your students.

Now let’s see the best 5 LMS plugins for WordPress powered website in 2019.

1. LearnDash

​LearnDash in one of the best and most powerful Learning management system we know so far. The interface is well organized and can help you to create and sell online courses and interact with your students with instant feedback, reward and more.
It comes with all the features that you’ll need to run the e-learning website successfully. LearnDash has an easy drag and drop Course builder, this feature will help you to create multi-layer courses, categories, lessons, topics, assignments, and quizzes.
It’ll help you to make your courses better with- Advanced quiz, drip-feed content, Lesson timer, Dynamic form, Gradebook, course point, certificate, badges and more.
With LearnDash, publishing course is easy. Just set a price and your course is ready to be purchased. You can accept payment by PayPal, Stripe, or 2Checkout. And if you want to make a course with limited time access, you can do that too. Just check a box and set a time, now learners have to purchase again if they want to regain access once the course expires.
LearnDash has more beneficial features like- Subscription, Shopping cart, Membership, Course bundle, Course licenses, User profile, Email notifications, Assignment management, Group management and many more.
And everything you create will be responsive to almost all kind of devices which obviously good for your business.

2. Teachable

​Teachable is one of the most powerful online course creation tools that let you create and publish courses easily. More than 68 thousand instructors use Teachable to share their knowledge because it allows you to offer the best learning experience to your students.
With Teachable you can easily Add video, image, text, audio, and PDF files. Even lets you import content directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Everything you’ll create using Teachable will be completely responsive to all kind of devices. So that your learners can have a better learning experience, no matter what kind of device they are using.
Teachable allows you to create quizzes, summarize essential information and check your students progress. Using the Native comments feature, you’ll be able to create discussion and answer questions option for your students. And collect information from your students by including Google Forms, surveys, and other tools to understand and serve them better.
It has more amazing features like- Coupons and promotions, affiliate program, Customizable sales pages, Advanced pricing options, Student list segmentation and many more.
It also lets you integrate with Zapier, Intercom, Olark, Zendesk etcetera. With Teachable, you’ll be able to accept payments from over 130 international currencies through Stripe Connect credit card processing or PayPal.

3. LifterLMS

​LifterLMS is another popular LMS plugin for WordPress powered websites, that comes with a lot of necessary features in order to make your work easy. It can help you to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses.
It’ll help you to create courses the way it would be attractive to your learners because LifterLMS has a keen focus on engagement.
LifterLMS is not just a membership solution, it much more. It allows you to create dynamic multimedia quizzes to reinforce learning progress of your learners. With LifterLMS, you can offer rewards or certifications on completion of a group. That way you can encourage your students to go further.
As we told you, it comes with all the necessary features. Such as- Lesson Downloads, Course Import, Multi Instructor, Course Export, Discussion Areas, Graphics Pack, Form Integrations, Checkout, Private Coaching Upsells, Other Bundles, Coupons, Affiliate Ready, Offline Sales, Order Management and many more.
With LifterLMS, you’ll be able to charge your learners one-time payments as well as a recurring payment. It also lets you accept online payments via PayPal.

4. LearnPress

​LearnPress is a comprehensive free LMS plugin for WordPress. Though it is free to use yet it comes with all the features you’ll need to run your e-learning website successfully. The user interface is excellent and with it, creating, publishing course is easy. LearnPress also allows you to import or export courses from another website. It also lets you customize or maintain the full curriculum layout easily.
It comes with drag and drop course builder which is so easy even a beginner can make beautiful courses. LearnPress also allows you to add quizzes to increase the engagement with your learners. You can even add Text, Images, Video, PowerPoint Slideshow, Documents, anything to your lessons and more.
With LearnPress, your students and instructors will be able to register easily. And courses will be automatically added to them or if you want you can do it manually. LearnPress allows you to accept international payment through PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, or Authorize.net.
It has more beneficial features like Control Enrollment, Control Students and Instructors Access, Point, Grade, Multiple Course & Lesson Settings and management and many more.
If you want, you can extend its capability by integrating with WooCommerce or by installing add-ons like Content Drip, Prerequisite and more.

5. WP Courseware

​WP Courseware is a simple and easy to use WordPress learning management system on the market. It comes with powerful features so that you can transform your WordPress site into an e-learning site and run it successfully. It has a drag and drop course creation tool that allows you to make beautiful course without any hassle.
One more powerful and beneficial features is email notifications. It allows you to customize email templates for courses, quizzes, final grades, and feedback.
With WP Courseware, you’ll be able to create question types advanced quiz for your learner to increase engagement and give then enjoyable learning experience. Or analyze reports and take surveys to learn more about your learners to serve them well.
WP Courseware comes with more amazing features like Protect Courses, Drip Content, Grade Books, Course Certificates, Course Prerequisites, Membership Integration, Built-In Shopping Cart, Manage Students and many more.
It also allows you to offer your learners lifetime access to your courses for a one-time-fee. Or you can sell your course with recurring subscription at any interval you set.

Which one should I choose?

We’ve tried to let you know about the best 5 LMS plugin for WordPress powered websites. Based on our experience, we think you should choose between LearnDash or Teachable. One of them would be the perfect match with your needs.
Hope you enjoyed this article and have found the right one for your needs.

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