9 Best PLR Membership Sites In 2021 – Read Before Join!

Best PLR Membership Sites In 2021

Last Updated on July 5, 2021 by Lazuk Hasan

Are you one of those people who has to create a lot of content for their site? If you are, you might know the hassle. Creating content from scratch is a time-consuming process.

Let’s assume you have to publish 1 article every day, or you have to giveaway eBooks very often. To write an article or eBook that often, you need a lot of time to research and writing.

Now, if you want to save that valuable time of yours, you need to hire a freelance writer. Which is costly.

A PLR membership site can be the ideal solution for all your needs. I have done my research and comes up with the 9 best PLR membership site in 2021.

What Is PLR Product?

Well, PLR stands for “Private Label Rights“. Mostly, PLR products are found in a digital format in the form of Articles, Videos, Software, eBooks, Audio, and more.

If you have a PLR product, you’ll have a license to use the product under your name or brand with full authority, you can even sell it for real money.

Most of these products are ready to use, some of them may require a little touch. Which can save you a lot of time and effort that you used to create content.

The time you used to spend creating content can now be used for other purposes such as market research, funnel setup, customer relationship building, etc.

How To Find The Best PLR Site?

Since PLR products save time and can be used for earning money, the demand for PLR products has increased a lot. The number of PLR websites has increased with it. There are hundreds of PLR sites on the market. Choosing the best site from among so many sites is a difficult task.

If the following subjects are present on a PLR site then that site can be considered as a good quality PLR site.

  • Credibility: While you are looking for a PLR site, be sure to consider the credibility of its founder.
  • Quality Content: Be sure to check a proven track record of producing quality content. Don’t fall for quantity, consider quality.
  • Testimonials: Do your research and see if you can find solid testimonials.
  • Recommendation: Browse the web for a while, compare the recommendation, and you’ll see the difference. 
  • Portfolio: You can get a better idea by looking at the portfolios of different sites.
  • Price: Well, the pricing part is crucial. You will find some sites that offer more products at lower prices while others offer fewer products at higher prices. Choosing one can be difficult.

That is why I’ve sorted down the best 9 PLR membership sites, have a look.



If you search the web for PLR products, you have probably seen the name IDPLR. Why? This is because it is one of the most popular PLR membership sites since 2008 and they have successfully maintained their position at the top of the list. 

IDPLR offers over 12,600 PLR products, including eBooks, videos, articles, audio, graphics, templates, and more. Not only that, you will now have access to over 200,000 done-for-you articles with Private Label Rights that you can use right away. 


IDPLR currently has four different pricing plans to join their family.

  • Free Plan: You can join for free with limited facilities and still have access to hundreds of PLR products.
  • Quarter plan: 3-month access at USD 39 only. This plan gives you access to IDPLR with full facilities for 3 months.
  • Yearly Plan: 1-year access at USD 69 only. Get access to IDPLR with full facilities for 12 months.
  • Lifetime Access: lifetime access at USD 89 only. Unlimited downloads for a lifetime. 

Visit IDPLR official website here!


  • Change Right Request: There are different types of rights available for different products. If you want to change the right of a particular product, you can do so by submitting a request.
  • Free Plan: A free plan to try out their service indicates that they care about their customer.
  • Lifetime access: Lifetime access is highly beneficial for anyone who plans to stay in this industry for a long time.


  • Product description: Description helps the user to choose a product. The IDPLR contains many poorly described products.
  • Support: For some reason, their support seems a bit dull to me.

To learn more about IDPLR, read the full review of IDPLR

→ Visit IDPLR official website here!


If you are looking for a user-friendly and easy-to-use PLR platform, this is what you are looking for. established in 2008 and become one of the leading players in the industry. is the most well-organized PLR membership site and you won’t find the equal. has over 14,800 beautifully designed ready to sell coaching resources. You can download articles, eBooks, reports, presentations, videos, infographics, and more. Instead of quantity, decided to go for the quality.

And you’ll see the difference while you browse the site yourself.

Pricing has a unique pricing plan. Everything calculates here as “credits”. You’ve to buy credits by spending USD. And then spend credit to download PLR products.

Currently, has 6 different pricing plans.
  • Free Plan: 2 credits at USD 0 per month.
  • PAY-AS-YOU-GO Plan: 10 credits at USD 22 only. One-time payment. 2.20 USD per credit.
  • Monthly Plan: 100 credits at USD 99 per month. 0.99 cents per credit.
  • Annual Plan: 400 credits at USD 379 per year. 0.95 cents per credit.
  • Annual Plan 800: 800 credits at USD 579 only. 0.72 cents per credit.
  • Annual Plan 2500: 2500 credits at USD 990 only. 0.40 cents per credit. 

→ Visit official website here!


  • Quality: As I already told you, goes for quality over quantity. No need to retouch content. Use right away.
  • User experience: The interface is very user-friendly. You will not face any difficulty in finding what you are looking for.
  • Support: The support team of is awesome.


  • Price: The pricing plan of seems a bit overwhelming. While some people choose for their efficient pay-as-you-go pricing plan, at the same time some people leave the site for their credit system pricing.

To learn more about, read the full review of

→ Visit official website here!

3. Resell-Rights-Weekly


I know what you are thinking, how can such a site get 3rd place on this list? I admit the interface of this site may seem disastrous. However, this one of the most popular PLR membership sites for a long time.

You’ll find thousands of audios, videos, software, script, sales latter, templates, SEO tools, keyword research tools, HTML editor, more than 10,740 articles, and so on. One of the interesting things about Resale-Rights-Weekly is they add new products every week.


Resale-Rights-Weekly has two different pricing plans. 

  • Free Plan: Get access to RRW for Free. (With some limitations)
  • Gold membership plan: Get access to RRW with full benefits at 19.95 USD per month. You can try this plan for 7 days for only 1 USD. 

Visit Resell-Rights-Weekly official website here!


  • Try for free: The free plan gives you a wide variety of categories to download.
  • Efficient pricing: Only 19.95 USD per month for all of these products is a very affordable price. Especially for newbies.
  • 1$ try out: Only 1 USD to try their gold membership plan for 7 days seems a good deal to me.


  • User Experience: The website is surely not user-friendly. However, they do update their content frequently.

To learn more about Resale-Rights-Weekly, read the full review of Resale-Rights-Weekly

Visit Resell-Rights-Weekly official website here!

4. Download PLR Products


Download PLR Product is one of the best PLR membership sites. This site was established in 2011 and since then they have been constantly adding quality content to their library. However, most people get confused when they hear the name of this site. Well, “Download PLR Product” is the name of the website.

Download PLR product has a ton of articles, eBooks, graphics, videos, audios, email marketing kits, and more. You’ll be able to use most of these contents without retouching.


Download PLR product has two different pricing plans. 

  • Trial pack: Get access to their entire library for 1 week at USD 2.95 only.
  • Monthly Pack: Get access to their entire library for a month at USD 16.95 only. 

→ Visit Download PLR Products official website here!


  • New products are added to the library every week.
  • Every month they add more than 400 fresh articles to the library.
  • The pricing plans are reasonably affordable.


  • There is no free plan to try out their service.

To learn more about Download PLR products, click here to read the full review of Download PLR product. 

→ Visit Download PLR Products official website here!

5. Master-Resale-Rights


Master-Resale-Rights is yet another popular PLR membership site that was established in 2006. They have a huge collection of RR (resale right) products. Click here to learn about RR (resale right).

Master-Resale-Rights have a collection of over 76000 articles, 11500+ eBooks, 950+ videos, audio, software, and more. Most of these products offer a 100% money-back guarantee. They even have their own dedicated team to develop PLR products.


Master-Resale-Rights has three different pricing plans. 

  • Free plan: A free membership plan with limited facilities at USD 0 only.
  • Monthly Plan: Get access to their entire library for 1 month at USD 19.97 only.
  • Quarter Plan: Get access to their entire library for 3 months at USD 47 only. 

→ Visit Master-Resale-Rights official website here!


  • A dedicated team to create new PLR products.
  • New products are added to the library every single day.
  • Dedicated hosting for paid members.


  • Exclusive products are being made for paid members only.
  • Master-Resell-Rights registers their customer’s credit card for a monthly subscription and charges it as a recurrence. They will continue to charge you until you cancel yourself.

To learn more about Master-Resell-Rights, click here to read the full review of Master-Resell-Rights. 

→ Visit Master-Resale-Rights official website here!

6. IndigitalWorks


InDigitalWorks have been a reliable source of PLR products since 2008. And it has become quite popular these days. If you have been browsing the web for a while for PLR products, you may have
come across the name InDigitalWorks.

There are over 12,700 PLR products available in the library of InDigitalWorks. You can download over 200,000 PLR articles, eBooks, Landing pages, Templates, Training videos, software, and much more.


InDigitalWorks has four different pricing plans. 

  • Silver Member: Became silver member for free at USD 0 per month.
  • Gold Member: Become a gold member for three months at USD 47 only.
  • Gold Member Yearly: Become a gold member for a year at USD 89 only.
  • Gold Lifetime Member: Become a lifetime member with a one-time fee of USD 79.90 only. 

→ Visit IndigitalWorks official website here!


  • A free membership plan to try out their service.
  • Over 200,000 thousand ready-to-use PLR articles ready-to-use.
  • The user experience is good.


  • You’ll find some articles that lack quality.
  • There is no monthly membership plan.

To learn more about InDigitalWorks, click here to read the full review of InDigitalWorks. 

→ Visit IndigitalWorks official website here!

7. PLRAssassin


PLRAssassin is well known for maintaining its professional quality product lineup. This platform was established in 2010. In the early days, they were not that popular. But nowadays, they have become one of the key players in the industry.

PLRAssassin has over 12000 PLR products in a variety of categories including eBooks, articles, videos, graphics, audio, software, and much more.


PLRAssassin has five different pricing plans.

  • Free Plan: Get access with limited facilities at USD 0 only.
  • Gold Plan: Get access to their entire library at USD 19 per month.
  • Quarter Plan: Get access to their entire library for three months at USD 55 only.
  • Yearly Plan: Get access to their entire library for a year at USD 117 only.
  • Lifetime VIP Plan: Get VIP access to their entire library for a lifetime at USD 129 only. 

→ Visit PLRAssassin official website here!


  • PLR Assassin adds new content to their library every day.
  • A free plan to try out their service is ideal for newbies.
  • The support team is quite friendly.


  • You’ll find some outdated PLR products in the library.
  • There is a download speed limit for free members.

To learn more about PLRAssassin, click here to read the full review of PLRAssassin. 

→ Visit PLRAssassin official website here!

8. PLRProducts


PLRProducts is yet another PLR site filled with rich content. This may not be an ideal solution for newbies. Since this platform is a bit costly. However, PLRProducts is quite popular among established marketers.

The library of PLRProducts is filled with quality content including Audio, videos, graphic, reports, articles, templates, landing pages, WordPress theme, and much more.


PLRProducts have a unique pricing plan. Instead of a monthly subscription fee, they’ll charge you for the individual products. As I already mentioned, PLRProducts is a bit pricy solution. Pricing ideas are given below-

  • Get the article pack for USD 2.99 to USD 9.99
  • Get the template pack for USD 5.99 to USD 7.99
  • Get the eBook pack for USD 4.99 to USD 9.99
  • Get the software pack for USD 5.99 to USD 7.99 

→ Visit PLRProducts official website here!


  • Product qualities are awesome.
  • Over hundreds of newly developed content are added every single month.


  • No free plan or pack.
  • Pricing plans are a bit on the higher side. Not ideal for newbies.

To learn more about PLRProducts, click here to read the full review of PLRProducts. 

→ Visit PLRProducts official website here!

9. UnstoppablePLR


Have you been looking for a reliable solution for PLR eBooks and courses? If so, UnstoppablePLR might be what you are looking for. This platform has become quite popular these days. And they do contain quality eBooks with Private Label Rights.

UnstoppablePLR has quality content but the number of contents is quite limited. They have eBooks, Courses, videos on the niches including fitness, internet marketing, email marketing, motivation, mindset, make money online, and a few more.


UnstoppablePLR has two different pricing plans

  • Monthly plan: Get access to a monthly membership plan at USD 29 per month.
  • Lifetime VIP plan: Get access to their entire library at USD 2997 one-time payment. (Nonrefundable) 

→ Visit UnstoppablePLR official website here!


  • Content quality is satisfying.
  • The user experience is good.


  • The content collection of UnstoppablePLR is too limited.
  • Their pricing for lifetime members is way too high.
  • Pricing plans are not refundable.

To learn more about UnstoppablePLR, click here to read the full review of UnstoppablePLR. 

→ Visit UnstoppablePLR official website here!


In this article, I have explained the 9 best PLR membership sites of 2021 and given you a brief idea about their benefits. Most of these sites offer free plans. To better understand if this is ideal for you, try their service. Or you can read the review article for each of these selections.

If you have questions regarding PLR content, don’t feel hesitate to contact me. You can do this by creating a comment below, you can email me or text me on social media. Answer to some of the frequently asked questions is given below.


What is the best PLR membership site?

There are many good PLR membership platforms available in the market. However, I have researched with the highest of mine and made this list. I think the first 3 sites on this list are one of the best among so many other good alternatives. However, whether a site is good or not depends on your needs.

Can you make money with PLR?

Yes, of course. Making money online is the key purpose to use PLR content. There are hundreds of ways to make money using PLR content. Some of the examples are- You can make money by selling PLR course, by making YouTube videos, by arranging a giveaway for your affiliate offer, and many more. You can learn more about “How to make money with PLR products” by clicking here.

Can you sell PLR on Amazon?

The honest answer is NO. Well, there were times when people used to sell PLR products on Amazon, but those days are over. Amazon has strict rules and regulations in this regard. If you sell PLR products on Amazon, the chance of getting ban is too high.

How do I sell PLR content?

There are many proven ways to make money online with PLR content. Among them, selling PLR content is very effective. A person can sell PLR content by creating a website or creating an affiliate offer. More effective ways are available. To learn more about it, click here.

Are PLR articles a good idea?

If someone often publishes written content on their site, creating content from scratch is a slow and time-consuming process. PLR articles can act as a gold mine to such a person. Although I suggest retouching the article before publishing it online.

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