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WordPress is currently the best Content Management System around the globe. But it’s not 100% safe. Since WordPress is the most popular platform, it’s the favorite target of hackers.

If you have a WordPress powered website and you are sitting back relaxed not thinking about security, then you are sitting under a house of card that about to break.

Most of the new website owners think of a conception that their site is ordinary. So it is unlikely to be hacked, hackers only hack popular and established websites because they are so important and filled with vital resources.

This is a complete misconception.

When you are sitting back relaxed, at the same time some hackers are trying to hack the site that you’ve created with love. Not for any personal reason but only for fun.

Why you should use a Security Plugin?

No digital devices or services are 100% Hack Proof. And when you are talking about websites, a WordPress powered website is surprisingly easy to be compromised. it’s often targeted by malicious hackers and spammers.

So, you need to use a Security Plugin to ensure the safety of your website.

Especially, if you don’t have much technical knowledge about Security and WordPress then you should use a reliable Security Plugin.

Every good plugin should have these features-

  1. Firewall: Before reaching your website server, firewalls monitor all traffic on your website and filter dangerous bots.
  2. Anti-malware: A dependable security plugin should guarantee malware protection, removal, and fixes on the site.
  3. Scan: A good Security Plugin must have schedule scanning feature to find malware or other potential threats on your website.
  4. Shield: Prevent your site from installing unwanted or suspicious apps

Now let’s take a look at some of the best Security plugins in the marketplace.

1. Sucuri


Sucuri is a reliable security solution for any website owner that is using the WordPress CMS. This is a cloud-based platform that monitors file changes in your site, provides audit trials, applies strict features, and detects various types of malware, spam, and other infections.

If you install this plugin on your WordPress site, it will allow Sucuri firewall clients to access the firewall dashboard without logging in to their Sucuri account.

And all your website traffic runs through their CloudProxy servers and each request is scanned to detect malicious requests.

It virtually patches your site and stops the attack before they occur. Sucuri monitors various aspects to protect your site.

Such as-

  • Plugin email alert
  • Schedule malware scanning
  • Core integrity check
  • WordPress Hardening Option etc.

Sucuri is one of the best FREE security plugins and is considered as one of the required plugin for your WordPress powered website. You can use this plugin for free from the WordPress repository.

Subscription is not required but by paying them an annual subscription fee you can get more advanced security functionality for your site.

2. Wordfence


There are many good security plugins in the market. Wordfence is one of the most popular, and comprehensive security plugins for WordPress.

With this plugin, you’ll be able to monitor traffic updates in real-time and see if a hack attempt is made on your website. It prevents your website from a brute force attack.

Wordfence also comes with cell phone sign-in and multisite compatibility.

It has some important features like web application firewall, malware scanner, and protection.

Wordfence also includes log-in protection that is so-called two-factor authentication. It scans more than 44000 known malware signatures.

Wordfence protects more than 2 million WordPress websites, which gives them the necessary access to information about how hacker compromise sites, and where attacks originate from and the malicious code they leave behind.

Wordfence has WordPress Security Scanner which checks the main files, themes, and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injunctions.

It compares your files with the WordPress.org repository, checks their integrity and it shows you if found any change.

Wordfence offers a free lite version which you can get from the official WordPress plugins repository. But if you want all the advanced functionality then you’ll have to get a premium package.

3. SiteLock


SiteLock is another amazing plugin that provides security for WordPress powered website. It offers website application firewall, malware scans, DDoS protection, malware removal services and all other necessary features that you need to secure your website.

Another awesome feature is, once you start using this service it will improve your website’s performance by giving you the DNS level firewall that also scans daily to detect malware signature.

If malware detected, it automatically fixes the issue and gives you a notification so that you can take immediate action to secure your site.

SiteLock also prevents your site from bot traffic. That way you’ll get human traffic only. Which is amazing.

Without any doubt, it is one of the best security plugin available out there. The only downside is, it’s a bit expensive.

Though they are offering the first month for free.

4. BulletProof Security


Bulletproof Security is a popular WordPress security plugin for your website, that filled with all your security needs. This plugin is fully capable to protect your beloved website from XSS, RFI, CRLF, SQL injection, and many more types of code injection hackings.

Bulletproof security plugin is surprisingly easy to use.

Which can be a plus point for beginner WordPress users. The setup process is also easy. You can easily run the plugin with a One-click automatic setup wizard. Maintenance mode functionality is unique.
Most of the other security plugin does not have a similar kind of feature.

BulletProof Security is not the most user-friendly WordPress security plugin out there, but the developer team of this plugin worked hard to make it user-friendly. They include links to extensive documentation on the settings panel so that you can easily understand scan and maintain security settings.

They have a free version of this plugin, that has almost all the security features that are needed for an average website. If more advanced features are needed in the future then you can get the pro version of this plugin.

5. iThemes Security


iThemes Security Plugin has a reputation for its nice and clean user interface with a ton of options. Because this plugin is also developed by the same team behind the popular BackupBuddy Plugin.

Though a nice interface is a major part of good plugin they are not popular only for their clean interface.

They do provide strong security for your website and prevent things like hacks unwanted intruders and many more.

Some of the features you’ll find helpful –

  • File integrity checks
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Limit login attempts
  • Security Hardening
  • Strong password enforcement
  • Brute force attack protection
  • 404 detections and so on.

Most of the webmasters do not notice when a file is missed or changes. In this case, the iThemes Security plugin can be beneficial to you.

Thanks to their file change detection feature. It also notifies you if there’s any outdated themes or plugins found or if there are any critical issues detected that need to be fixed.

Most of the basic security features are included in the free version but if you need advanced protection, you’ll have to upgrade it to the PRO version.

Which Security Plugin should I choose?

There are so many security plugins in the market, every plugin is different from each other and featured differently.

But among them, we have selected the best five security plugins to help you select the right one. You can pick one of those five plugins that match perfectly with your needs and budget.

Have you found any? If yes, you may select that one for your website.

  1. Sucuri
  2. Wordfence
  3. SiteLock
  4. BulletProof Security
  5. iThemes Security

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