Best 5 YouTube video gallery plugins for WordPress


Do you want to add videos on your website? As you know WordPress is a comprehensive platform, and it allows you to add videos on your site by copy & paste the video embed code, also let you customize your video.

But this is not the most efficient way to do that.

Therefore, if you want to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or another video platform to your WordPress powered website, you can use a WordPress video plugin.

If you use a plugin, it’ll save your time, and let you customize with advanced features, also optimize video loading for speed and SEO.

It is always very difficult to choose the right plugin that fits your needs. There are so many video plugins available in the market, it could be difficult for you to choose the right one. So, if you are looking for a video plugin for your WordPress powered website then this article is for you.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best 5 video plugin that you can use for your website.

Which one is the best?

Though WordPress allows you to embed videos on your site, there is a lack of features. That’s the reason most of the website owners use Video plugin in order to add functionality on their site. Now let’s consider some vital aspects, and it is worthy of your time to examine these aspects before choosing a video plugin.

  • Speed: If you are a blogger or you are a content creator, this could be a common fact that you’ll be required to share videos. Though WordPress let you do that yet it is not perfect. And more than that, you can’t afford to compromise on speed. Your website must load faster, if not then it might discourage your visitors from visiting your site. That is why you need to make sure that the plugin you choose should not slow down your website.
  • Easy to use: An ideal video plugin must be easy to use. Always select a plugin that is easy to use and the interface is simple and easily understandable. You’ll find many plugins which are bloated with unnecessary features. Remember, these additional features could make the user interface messy. So, do not choose a plugin that has a bloated interface.
  • Features: Why you are looking for the video plugin? Obviously for enhanced features. Choose a plugin that offers the necessary features. Because a plugin with bloated features makes the interface messy and the plugin itself becomes heavy.

Now let’s see the best 5 video plugin for WordPress powered websites in 2019.

1. Envira Gallery


​Envira Gallery is the most powerful, popular and easy to use Video gallery tools. It comes with all the necessary features that you’ll need to create an amazing Video gallery on your site.

When most of the other similar plugin comes with features out of the box, on the other side Envira Gallery only offering the necessary features. Here necessary means, it has all the features that are required to make an excellent video gallery. Envira Gallery doesn’t include all those unnecessary features like other plugins, that you probably never use. And later on, if you feel the need for any other features,

It allows you to extend the capability by installing add-ons.
Some of the key features are-

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly: It allows you to make Gallery which is totally responsive to almost all kind of devices. So that your visitors get the best experience no matter what kind of device they are using to view your site.
  • Drag & Drop Builder: This feature looks simple but it is powerful. It let you create stunning video and photo galleries by dragging and dropping in a very short period of time.
  • Lightbox: If you want to display your videos at the full size, you can do that. This feature gives you the ability to create Video gallery that looks stunning on any device.
  • Standalone Galleries: This feature lets to create dedicated gallery pages using the standalone addon.

It has more amazing features that will allow you to make exceptional looking galleries and customize with ease. This is a premium tool but it also offers a free light version with basic features.

2. YouTube Showcase


​YouTube Showcase is another YouTube video plugin that developed as simple as possible for WordPress.

This plugin is super easy to use, so if you are a beginner, don’t worry. YouTube Showcase allows you to create custom post types to embed videos on your website.

This plugin also gives you the ability to categorize videos, it let you add tags. One more useful feature is, the YouTube Showcase allows you to add videos as featured video to grab the attention of your visitors.

While the activation process, YouTube Showcase automatically create video gallery page. One of the facts we love about this plugin that, it only offers the necessary features. Another beneficial feature is, YouTube Showcase comes with two easy to use widgets for featured videos and recent videos.

The default layout of YouTube Showcase is excellent. This layout gives your visitor an amazing experience of browsing videos. Because it allows your viewers to browse all of your videos without changing the page.Β  In other words, your visitors can browse through all the videos without even leaving the page.

3. YouTube Simple Gallery


​YouTube Simple Gallery is a simple YouTube gallery plugin for WordPress powered website. This plugin is very simple and easy to use. YouTube Simple Gallery allows you to use custom post types to add videos on your site. And if you want to categorizes videos, it let you do that too.

The plugin also comes with a shortcode, you can put this shortcode anywhere on the post editor screen to insert YouTube gallery. While this plugin activation process, it automatically generates the Video gallery page that contains the shortcode. And it also gives you the ability to edit the shortcode and the page as you want.

It has one more beautiful feature, Lightbox. That means when visitors try to view the video, the plugin opens the video in an excellent looking lightbox popup. And it gives you full control over videos and thumbnail sizes. You can customize it from the setting page. The only downside though it shows video list as list layout. However, you can change the layout of the video list by touching the CSS, and it requires some basic knowledge of CSS.

4. YourChannel: YouTube Channel on Your Website


​YourChannel is a YouTube video plugin that developed for WordPress powered website. This plugin can be beneficial for you if, you manage your own YouTube channel or like curating videos. YourChannel (plugin) allows you to display showcase your videos with ease and quickly.

To start getting the benefits of this plugin, just enter your user or channel ID, then it will automatically fetch videos for you. It doesn’t stop here, It also fetches the Channel’s banner, Subscribers, Views, Playlists, automatically and many more.

YourChannel (plugin) also comes with a shortcode so that you can easily showcase your channel anywhere on the WordPress post.Β  If you want, you can also add the shortcode on WordPress pages. It comes with more useful features, it allows you to set custom thumbnails size, add metadata, show play button or setting and many more.

5. WordPress Video Gallery


WordPress Video Gallery is another powerful and easy to use YouTube gallery plugin for WordPress. And it developed to give you the best experience of customization. It comes with a lot of enhanced features to give you as many options as possible, and this as a highly customizable plugin.

It comes with a built-in HD Flv player so that your visitors can view your videos right away. This plugin allows you to customize the video skin as you want and also play videos in HD quality.

The settings of WordPress Video Gallery plugin is comprehensive. It comes with a lot of options. The default setting is kind of okay, and it should work on most of the websites. But if for some reason it doesn’t work out, then you’ll have to set up the plugin manually. But don’t worry, you’ll find a ton of options to make it work as you want.

πŸ“ Which one should I choose?

In this article, we’ve tried to let to learn about the best 5 Video Gallery plugin for WordPress powered websites. Though each one of them is unique as their own way, yet we think Envira Gallery is the most powerful tool among them and it would be the perfect solution for most of you. There are many reasons to suggest this plugin.

It packed with all the necessary features, and let you extend the capability by installing add-ons, which is we think a comprehensive feature to have. And it not only allows you to create Video gallery but also let you create a Photo gallery, and the interface is excellent.

Hope you enjoyed this article and also found the right solution for your needs.

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