Clean.Email review [2022] – You need to know before use it.

📮 Clean & Organize Email Inbox

Clean your Inbox of emails you don't need. Then keep it clean.

Managing your inbox is no longer a walk in the park! It’s a crazy mess with thousands of unread emails. Would you like to tidy up your inbox with a single click? If you are looking for a way to manage your emails efficiently and triage your emails easily.

→ Meet Clean.Email (Email Inbox Cleaner App).

Clean Email is a smart email management tool that makes managing thousands of emails easy with a single click.

The tool is built to keep your inbox clean, organized and help you manage your emails for the long term, which is perfect for both business and personal reasons.


What Is Clean.Email?

Clean Email is a sorting and inbox zero organization tool that lets you stay on top of your email.

With just a few clicks, It helps you sort your messages by email sender, type (e.g., important or unread), and delete old emails safely without disrupting the cloud storage system where they live.

And don’t worry about forgetting to read an email or someone’s address with Clean Email. With its auto-save feature, you never have to wonder what went awry again! Now you can apply your very best cleanliness skills to the emails in your inbox.

With Clean Email, you can free up space on the hard drive or delete those pesky unwanted newsletters with quick cleanup.

Clean.Email Features


Clean Email offers powerful tools to clean out an overloaded mailbox, then automate email tasks to keep it clean going forward. The tool also helps you manage email cleansing by handling groups of emails at once.

It comes with so many powerful features to automate your email cleaning process when thousands of emails on your inbox. Some features are:

Quick Clean

One of the biggest problems with email is keeping it clean and organized. It’s easy to get behind and then it becomes a major project to try and catch up.

Quick Clean feature groups your most commonly cleaned emails into categories such as Social Notifications and Email Notifications Older Than 3 years so that you can easily archive or delete them at once.

The Quick Clean feature is a simple and easy way to clean your inbox and keep it that way.

Smart Views

It is quite easy to get lost in your email inbox, even if it is an all-in-one inbox like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook.com.

Ideally, you want your email messages to be easy to find so that you can get to the messages that you need to see. This is where Its smart views come into play.

Smart views are like filters that you can apply to search your emails.  They are designed to help you find the emails that you need to see and ignore the ones that you do not.

Email Groups

Clean Email’s Email Groups feature allows you to see all of the emails from a group at once so you can quickly focus on what needs attention. Editing and deleting groups are simple, just select one in your view of the inbox and go.

This feature is especially useful for newsletters that come in daily. If you get a new newsletter group, you can easily put it in a group by Clean Email as a project management tool, It works with groups of emails.

Clean Email doesn’t just group emails by sender or subject, it also groups based on other parameters like date and size. They call these smart email groups.

Filters and Sorting

You can apply different filters to your email like “Status” (Read or Unread), “Age” (how old is an email from, how long ago did it arrive). Then sort by sender, age, size.

These filters are visible right under the search bar. With Clean Email’s filters and shorting feature, you can easily find your desire emails and keep them or remove that out from your inbox.


These tools have a great feature to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and senders. With this feature, you can easily maintain your inbox clutter-free.

The unsubscriber tool reduces unwanted emails by sending Unsubscribe requests or Pausing subscriptions. It can also block senders’ emails from senders who do not offer unsubscribe links.

With this feature, you can unsubscribe or temporarily block any sender email address from your inbox.

Automate Tasks

Clean Email plays a good role in Keep your Inbox clean going forward by automating your email cleaning routine.

You can move all emails by a certain sender to your “Read Later” folder by selecting this option before you unsubscribe from an email or clean up your inbox.

You can choose to deliver selected messages to “Read Later” without notifications so that you can focus on what’s important. Combine that with the “Keep Newest” function and only subscribe to recent editions of your favorite newsletters.

Auto Archive

Groups of emails can be created based on a number of different criteria and each group will have its own clean-up parameters – to automatically archive, delete, or keep those emails.

Clean Email offers both simple and advanced Auto Cleaning options to create email rules quickly or target specific messages with advanced filters.

Click here to learn more about Clean Email’s feature

Clean Email Pricing


Clean Email comes with 3 pricing plans, which are 1 Account ($9.99/month), 5 Accounts ($19.99/month), and 10 Accounts ($29.99/month).

When you subscribe to Clean Email you get unlimited access to all current and future features they will add and it works with all major devices and major email providers.

They have a FREE trial offer to test out their email service. The pricing is a bit steep. The “No Credit Card Required” thing really attracted my attention.

→ Try Clean Email Trial Account Now!

Clean Email Pros & Cons

The Clean Email is a powerful tool that has both strong points and weaknesses. It has many benefits but it also comes with some negatives. Let me discuss:


  • CleanMail can help you organize your inbox.
  • Your email will be cleaner, better organized, and less cluttered.
  • You’ll be able to find emails quickly.
  • Reduce the time you spend on email by up to 50%.
  • Be more productive and efficient.


  • Customer service took a little more than one day to answer my question, but online support wasn’t very helpful.


For almost everyone, email is a necessary evil. It’s a major communication tool, but it can also be an overflowing inbox with unread and unwanted emails.

If your email inbox is just a dump for spam, newsletters, and other items you don’t need, it’s time to get an email cleaner app like Clean Email.

Clean Email is an easy-to-use email management solution app that helps you manage your mailbox overloaded with unread and unwanted emails more efficiently — while keeping your data safe and respecting your privacy.

The email inbox cleaner app will remove the clutter from your mailbox, so you can focus on the emails that matter most. You can clean up emails, unsubscribe from unwanted and spamming emails, and find all the emails you need in one place.

Clean Email will help you manage your email inbox without spamming your contacts, and it won’t read your emails or sell your data.

The best part?

You can try out this awesome application for free before deciding if you want to purchase it outright! Get started today.

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