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Consolto lifetime deal & review – Boost remote meetings with customers!

Alternative to: Zoom, Google Meet, and Calendly!

Boost remote meetings with customers through video chat, appointment scheduling, messaging, and analytics

Almost all of us have to video chat with clients and customers for professional reasons, right? But to do that, you need to install different apps since not all client uses the same video calling platform.

Today I am here to offer you a solution. It will let you video chat with your clients directly from your website. Also, you will be able to schedule appointments, live chat, and so on. In addition, you will have access to actionable analytics.

Link: Meet Consolto.

In this article, you will learn more about Consolto. And how it can help improve the customer experience by using video chat without any installation.


What Is Consolto?

Consolto is an all-in-one video conferencing and CRM platform designed to simplify, organize, and enhance remote sales and consultations.

It’s an alternative to Zoom, Google Meet, and Calendly. Consolto is best for sales professionals and consultants searching for an easier way to provide remote services to their clients.

With Consolto you can add live video chat directly on your site or a custom ClickNTalk micro-site for highly personalized communication with customers.

Stay on top of remote meetings with customer data at your fingertips and advanced meeting scheduling.

Link: Learn more about Consolto

Consolto Features

Consolto comes with features to help you increase customer experience. Some of the features are given below-

Live video chat:

Video chat is one of the most effective ways to build meaningful connections with your customers and clients. Consolto allows you to conduct live video chats directly from your website. No installation is required. Each of your clients will have a highly personalize and immersive experience.

Live chat:

Live communication plays an immense role in converting new customers. To do so, Consolto comes with live chatting features. Now you can chat with your customer and clients in real-time on their preferred live chatting apps. Also, you can set a custom welcome messages, and save persistent messages as well.


This feature of Consolto allows you to set schedule your off days. So, whenever your customer or client sends you texts on your off days, Consolto will automatically redirect them to the calendar when you are available. That way, you will never miss an opportunity.

Screen sharing:

Using this feature, you can share a live feed of your screen with your video chat participant. So, you can demonstrate things and push your collaborators to be more productive.

Link: Click here to learn more about Consolto’s features.

Consolto Pricing Plans

Monthly subscription plans of Consolto are given below-

SMART – at $10 per month.

  • Unlimited Appointment Scheduling.
  • Use video chat, screen-sharing, or audio web calls up to 3 hours per month.
  • Site Analytics.

CLEVER – at $20 per month.

  • Google Analytics Events.
  • Use video chat, screen sharing, or audio web calls up to 20 hours per month
  • Guest pre-call form.

GENIUS – at $39 per month.

  • Advanced Appointment Scheduling.
  • Use video chat, screen-sharing, or audio web calls up to 100 hours per month.
  • Money Transfer.
  • ENTERPRISE – Contact support for a custom price.
  • Unlimited Video chat hours.
  • Account Manager.
  • Backoffice, SSO, Zapier & webhook Integrations.


Consolto Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Sometimes a quick video chat can take customers from fuming Yelp reviews to IG Live shoutouts with way less effort for both parties. (β€œNow that I see you’re an actual person, it’s hard to stay angry.”)

Consolto changes how you interact with customers worldwide by using convenient video chat and organized customer data to make the most of everyone’s time. Give your audience the personalized attention they deserve.

Link: Get lifetime access to Consolto today!

Plans and Features (Deal Terms) – Start at $59

  • HD video and audio conferencing
  • Two-way screen sharing
  • Unlimited live chat
  • Unlimited website widget hits
  • Unlimited ClickNTalk page hits
  • Unlimited appointment scheduling
  • Document sharing
  • Voice messages
  • Active engage
  • Manage guest users (Micro CRM)
  • Site analytics
  • Custom styling
  • Google Analytics events
  • Guest pre-call form
  • Zapier and Webhook integrations

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