How to grow your email list using solo ads

If you are new in the affiliate marketing industry, Then surely you have heard various way to generate traffic for your offers. Email marketing is most effective and one of the leading way to generate traffic.
Email marketing is so-called the Lifeblood of online marketing.

But what is Solo Ad? And why am I talking about email marketing?

Well, Solo ads are a way to generate traffic. Basically, it is a popular method of email marketing.
If someone wants to work online they must have a computer. Similarly, if you want to start email marketing you must have email subscribes.
But the problem is that most of the newcomers do not have the email list.
Solo Ad is a method of email marketing and this method allows you to start email marketing even if you do not have any email subscribers.

How does it work?

You will find many seller who have email subscribers. You can easily contract with sellers. And then according to your niche, you’ll be able to promote your product to their email list.

Importance of Solo Ads

Creating an email list from the very beginning takes a lot of time. Solo ads can make it easier for you to get conversion and to grow your email list.
You will get email list for almost all niches. All you have to do is pay a small amount for the traffic and give your email copy to the seller.
You do not have to worry about targeted audience or anything at all. You will get a very good result.

What do you need to start Solo Ad?

If you want to use Solo Ads, First you need to follow some basic tasks.
Sales Funnel: This is the most important part to start Solo Ads. Suppose, you are promoting a product to your targeted audience, Of course you are spending money to promote that product to the customer.
If you collect leads then you can promote your product to them as often as you like.
For example: You need a cloud server. So you visit Digital Ocean to buy a server.
Then you signed up an account and bought a cloud server. Few days later when you are checking your email inbox.
And you see a new email like this…
Have you ever noticed that you often receive this kind of email?
Well, Digital Ocean sent you a promotional email.
How? Easy answer, because they have your email address. So if you use a Sales Funnel, You will be able to collect the lead of your customer. Then you can also send promotional email as often as you want.
Udimi Account: You need to find a seller to start using Solo Ads. Udimi is a platform where you will find many sellers for Solo Ads. Though there are other marketplace or platform available where you can easily find a seller.
But Udimi is trustworthy and one of the best for its affordable price.
Autoresponder: Suppose you have successfully collected 200 emails. Now you want to send email to promote a product to your 200 email subscriber.
How you are going to send those emails? One by one? Then it will take a lot of time.
Autoresponder is a service that will automatically send emails to your subscriber without any hassle.
You can set up the Autoresponder by following few simple steps.
Email Copy: An attractive email copy help a lot to increase the conversion rate. Always try to write a nice fresh email.

Set up Solo Ads- Step by Step

Follow the following instructions to set up your first solo ad.

Step 1:

First you need to open an account on Udimi. Open your browser then visit Udimi.com And click on the β€œSign up” button.
A new page will appear with a form that require your valid information, fill the form with the required information such as name, email, and password.
Now click on the β€œSign Up” button and it will take you to the dashboard.

Step 2:

If you want to make a good profit, the key is find a good product. Choose a good product from an Affiliate marketplace. To do that – Login to your affiliate account. I’m using Clickbank for example.
You’ll see many categories.
Choose a category based on your niche. Click on a category to unfold. Then you’ll see many sub-category.
For example- I’m choosing Health and Fitness category. Now select a subcategory. For example- I’m choosing Exercise & Fitness.
Now try to choose a product that has higher gravity. Gravity ensures that the product has good demand in the market.
However, you will find a lot of competition while working with a Higher gravity product because of the demand for the product on the market.
But as much as the competition is high, the chance of getting a good conversion rate is also high in Higher Gravity products.

Step 3:

After the product selection completed, write an attractive email copy. An attractive Email copy is required to get the conversion rate better.
If you think that your writing skill is not at the professional level, Then you should hire a professional writer.
In other way you can use the email swipes. Go to your product JV page​, there you will find some nice email copies.
DO NOT use those exact emails copy directly from the JV page, because some other marketer might be using those.
You can get ideas from there, Now rewrite a unique email.

Step 4:

Sales funnel basically collect leads. There are many companies that provide this service. You can use any one of those to create Sales funnel. Most of the reputed marketer all over the world use ClickFunnels. I also recommend that platform and I personally use ClickFunnels to create sales funnel.
ClickFunnel is not FREE, However, once you create an account on ClickFunnels you will get 14 days free trial.
You can open an account on ClickFunnels​ by click here.
If you are having problem to understand Sales funnel, you can check out my videos where I explained about Sales funnel.

Step 5:

You are almost done. Now you have to find a good seller. To do that, Login to your Udimi account.
A list of sellers will appear. Now click on the β€œFind Sellers” button.
This button located on the top. You can customize your search from here. It will be easier for you to find a good seller.
Remember, always choose a seller who has a lot of positive feedback. If you see that seller got many positive feedback, that means the seller is good for you.
After finding a good seller, choose what type of filter you want. Then drag the bar to choose how many visitors you want.
Hyperlink your product link with the email copy. Take a look at all available settings. Once checked, click on the β€œAdd to cart​” button. Now you will see something like this…
Now click on the β€œContinue Shopping” button to place an order.
If you followed those instructions above, you will not only get conversion but also get leads of the target audience.
This way you can grow your subscriber’s list using Solo Ads.

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