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Feedback Ledger lifetime deal & review – Capture meaningful feedback

Stop Losing Business!

Feedback Ledger gives you the fastest way to capture meaningful user feedback in an easy to understand dashboard.

Do you want to collect meaningful feedback from your customers? Getting feedback from users is one of the hardest tasks for a startup.

Direct customer feedback is important but it is very hard for businesses to have consistent, transparent conversations about product/service performance.

Link: Now Introducing Feedback Ledger

Feedback Ledger is a simple feedback management tool that helps you gather, organize and analyze customer feedback.


What Is Feedback Ledger?

Feedback Ledger is a feedback management solution that provides you with insights into the customer experience. It captures user feedback from surveys, NPS, and other channels in a centralized location for you to analyze and share with your team.

The Feedback Ledger is designed to give you the fastest way to capture meaningful user feedback in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

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Feedback Ledger Features

Repeat customers not only mean more money spent but also a solid foundation for you to continue to grow your business. Let’s discuss some powerful features –

Feedback Form Designer:

You can now personalize your shopping experience by defining the kind of experience you want to have on their website.

You can add as many questions as you want about a specific topic.

With Feedback Ledger you can add multiple versions of the same question, and have very specific ideas in mind when it comes to what kind of information we’d like you to provide for us.

Generate QR Code:

Make it easy for your customers to access the feedback form.

Feedback Ledger will generate a QR code for you that users can scan on their mobile devices and when the scanned conditions attribute this scan to your form, their contact information will be added to your table of anonymous contacts.

Download and Share:

Download and share the QR code to get your customers’ feedback.
This allows you to market directly and instantly to all of your consumers by getting information on how they feel about your products.

It has never been easier to gain feedback on items you are looking for great ideas for, so test out this convenient technology today!


Navigating your company’s dashboard will allow for easy viewing of the responses from current clients and interested parties.

Feedback Ledger Pricing

There are two plans to choose from Feedback Ledger: Monthly and Annually.

The Monthly plan gives you access to unlimited responses, unlimited feedback forms & unlimited QR Codes with instant email notifications. This plan begins at just $15/mo for unlimited use.

The Annual plan gives you everything in the monthly Plan, plus you get priority customer support.Β This plan is at $149/year.

And they have a trial option available, you can see your first 10 responses for free. If you feel it’s working well then you can upgrade your plan.


Feedback Ledger AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Feedback Ledger gives you the fastest way to capture user feedback, giving you a great platform to present what information is really relevant to your audience!

Feedback Ledger was invaluable for me to turn customer feedback into revenue. Here have a limited-time lifetime deal available on AppSumo.

Link: Get access to Feedback Ledger today!Β 

Plans and Features (Deal Terms) – Started at $29

  • Unlimited Responses
  • Unlimited Feedback forms
  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • Customizable Feedback Form builder
  • Export Feedback responses

Get lifetime access to Feedback Ledger today!

Feedback Ledger (Conclusion)

I hope you enjoyed this post on how the Feedback Ledger talks to your customers and gives you the fastest way to capture meaningful user feedback in a simple-to-understand dashboard.

I think Feedback Ledger is the fastest way to understand your customers and improve their retention. Supercharge your business now.

Link: Click here to learn more.

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