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Build a money-making FB Ad agency, even if you’re not an expert
Disclaimer: This lifetime offer has ended. However, you can still get yearly access for the discounted price of $49 per year per code purchased. This deal is locked at this price and will renew at the same rate of $49/year/code.
Sumo-ling, you always have your eyes peeled for new ways to make money. You’re a hustler, baby.
And, well, one of the most profitable markets is Facebook Ads.
We know, we know. Running Facebook Ads is not your strong suit, but Facebook Messenger Ads are by far the fastest and easiest way to get clients today.
And with a little help from FunnelDash, you’ll be well on your way to growing and scaling your newest agency.

  • 1Annual locked in discounted price for FunnelDash
  • 2Build Messenger drip sequences to automatically qualify leads and get Ad Account Audit Access with just 1 click
  • 3Get clients like clockwork using Messenger Ads & Messenger Funnels
  • 4Learn how to grow your FB Ad & Messenger agency with an entire library of courses, checklists & case studies

FunnelDash helps you secure high-value leads and clients with battle-tested-and-proven Messenger Funnels and Ads Analysis Audit consultations. FunnelDash makes attracting new clients simple.
For starters, they have world-class software and training for creating FB Messenger funnels. Yep, Messenger is the latest-and-greatest platform for communicating and doing business.

Using FunnelDash’s proprietary and battle-proven templates, you’ll be able to offer Facebook Ads Analysis Audit Consultations from right inside of FB Messenger. (No one else can do this!)

These Messenger funnels will help you seal the deal by triggering dynamic follow-up sequences when anyone responds to your ad.
There’s also a custom audience integration that allows you to re-engage and retarget.

With one click in Messenger, your prospects will be able to schedule a consultation and give you access to their FB Ads account.
Once you have access, you’ll be able to provide an amazingeasy-to-understand ‘ads audit’ and report containing high-level information along with detailed breakdowns, such as: best performing age; gender; device; time of day; country; product; and specific ads.
You’ll also be able to add notes and suggestions to your audit report. (They’ll have no idea you’re a newbie.)
All of your audit reports will live in a drag-and-drop dashboard that has real-time FB Ad metrics, KPI’s, trendlines, notes, and more.

Agencies, marketing consultants, and freelancers are locking down high-value clients with the FunnelDash Basic Start Plan, which includes:

  • 5 Messenger Funnels
  • 5,000 Messenger Contacts
  • 5 Facebook Pages & Ad Accounts
  • 5 Facebook Ad Audit Dashboards
  • 1 Weekly Facebook Ad coaching call for real-time support on client campaigns
  • Agency Growth Quick Start Course

Sumo-lings, you can get a year’s worth of access to this revenue booster for just $49/yr!
And, you can renew at the same low price of $49 every year!
If you’re thinking you may want a little more, you can stack a second code and unlock the Pro Plan, which has double the usage and 2 Agency Growth Courses (High Ticket Client Acquisition Toolkit and Facebook Ad Manager Manual).
And every code you stack after your second will upgrade the Pro Plan by 5k Messenger Contacts, 5 FB Pages & Ad Accounts, 5 Agency Growth Funnels, and 5 Ad Audit Dashboards!
The maximum number of codes you can stack is 20. For more information, see the stacking chart in P.S.!
Gain and retain FB Ad and Messenger client accounts now!

FunnelDash is better than other messenger tools when it comes to reporting because it integrates directly with FB Ads and allows you to trigger FB conversion events as leads go through your funnel.
It’s also the only tool that allows one-click instant access to prospective clients’ ad accounts – and to qualify leads based upon ad spend.
And FunnelDash is more than just an enterprise-level tool that will make you look like you know what you’re doing; it will actually educate you about FB Ads.
There is an entire library of courses, checklists, and case studies to help you start and grow your agency.

Running a Facebook Ads agency is not something you thought you could do.
But FunnelDash is making it extremely easy to break into this profitable market. Just ask these Sumo-lings:

Get the agency ball rolling for just $49/yr! (Stack codes to make this offer even sweeter.)
Start your FB Ad and Messenger agency today!
P.P.S. Here is what you get when you stack:

(Reminder: These are annual prices & renew each year at the same price)
Build a money-making FB Ad agency, even if you’re not an expert
Source and deal from AppSumo 

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