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Last Updated on August 6, 2021 by Lazuk Hasan

Do you need a fully customized privacy policy tailored to the needs of your business, but visiting a lawyer seems a hassle to you? If so, this article is for you.

A tailored privacy policy, terms, and cookie policy are legally required to run your online business seamlessly. Without it, your business may get stuck in legal issues that you don’t want to deal with.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve come up with a reliable solution to get the terms for your business.

Link: Meet GetTerms.

In this article, you will learn more about GetTerms. And how it can help you generate fully personalized terms for your website, app, and SaaS platform in minutes.

What Is GetTerms?

GetTerms is a privacy, terms, and cookie policy generator that lets you create custom, straightforward policies to keep your website and apps fully compliant.

It’s an alternative to Termsfeed and Termly. GetTerms is best for entrepreneurs and website owners who want fully compliant sites and apps without prohibitive fees.

With GetTerms you can create a comprehensive privacy policy, terms & conditions, and cookie policies in minutes.

Make sure your apps and sites are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and APA laws.

Link: Learn more about GetTerms.

GetTerms Features

GetTerms comes with handy features that allow you to generate terms to meet your business needs within a few minutes. Some of the features are given below-


It doesn’t matter what type of website you are running, your site much have a privacy policy, terms of service, cookie policy in order to conduct business online without any legal issue. That is why GetTerms comes with easy to go policy generator. Just enter your business information, contact information, checkmark other questions, and you will have a tailored policy for your business in minutes.

Mobile Apps:

Privacy policy and terms are also required for mobile apps as well. GetTerms allows you to generate a fully customized GDPR & CCPA Ready policy for your iOS and Android apps with ease.


You can also generate compliance docs for your SaaS business with GetTerms. Each of your generated SaaS policies will be GDPR & CCPA ready. So that you can conduct business in the EU without any hassle.


Having a strong privacy policy, terms, refund policy is a must need paperwork to help your customers shop with confidence. Using GetTerms, you can create a plain-speaking Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Service for your eCommerce platform without visiting a lawyer.

GetTerms pays enough attention to make the policies easy to read. Each of their papers has been reviewed by lawyers.

Link: Learn more about GetTerms.

How Much Does GetTerms Cost?

GetTerms comes with three different pricing plans, a Basic, a Standard plan, and a comprehensive plan.

The standard plan starts at 25 USD with a personalized privacy policy, generic privacy policy, cookie policy, Term of service document, and more. You will be able to access these documents in text and HTML versions with free hosting.

If you want GDPR & CCPA ready tailored privacy policy, terms, cookies, and use policies, you can get the comprehensive plan at 49 USD.


GetTerms ApSumo Lifetime Deal

As much as you’d love to study legal guidelines and privacy policies (your favorite activity after filing your taxes and waiting in the dentist’s office), you’ve got a website to run.

That’s why GetTerms helps you generate simple terms and conditions and privacy policy documents that you can adapt to your business’s unique needs.

Don’t get stuck with non-compliant sites or pay overpriced legal fees to get the essential policies you need for your business.

Link: Get lifetime access to GetTerms today! 

Plans And Features (Deal Terms) – Started At $69

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of service
  • Cookie policy
  • Acceptable use policy
  • Mobile apps
  • E-commerce
  • SaaS/web apps
  • Blog and news sites

Get lifetime access to GetTerms today! 

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