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Grist lifetime deal & review – Customizable spreadsheet

Organize, Analyze, And Share Your Data!

Data powers your business. However, organizing tons of data can be a hassle of its own. People rely on spreadsheets to organize data. But what about analytics?

While you are growing your business, you are also gathering a ton of data. These data play an immense role in the overall growth.

But the problem is, with spreadsheets you cannot Organize, analyze, and share your data with ease. It is time to upgrade your data management system.

Link: Introducing Grist.

In this article, you will learn more about Grist. And how it can help you organize data with customizable hybrid databases. Which you can analyze and share with ease.


What Is Grist?

Grist is a powerful, customizable data tool that combines the versatility of spreadsheets with the robustness of databases.

It’s an alternative to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, AirTable. Grist is best for Small businesses, citizen developers, and nonprofits who need an intuitive solution for data management and analysis.

With Grist you can create highly customizable relational databases in minutes with no code necessaryβ€”plus, they automatically back up.

Choose layout preferences, generate dynamic charts and reports, and build in granular access controls.

Link: Learn more about Grist.


Grist comes packed with powerful features that you need to manage an extensive amount of data in the best possible manner. Some of the features are given below-

Streamline your data

To make your data organizing process even easier, Grist comes with an easy-to-use database builder tool. Using this tool, you can assemble your data full of spreadsheets into a beautifully structured database.

It also lets you collaborate with your colleges to work together on projects. It has high productivity layouts. So, you don’t have to build data structures from scratch.

Control your data

Once you’ve built a beautifully organized database, you also need to control your data. To do that, Grist comes with granular access control. It allows you to control who sees what.

If you are required to share data with a third party, you can share using links with limited views of only relevant data. To ensure data safety, Grist automatically backup your data.

Analyze your data

Organizing data is not enough, you also need to analyze this data to come up with actionable results. That is why Grist allows you to analyze data with customizable data cards and dynamic reports.

You will be able to create dashboard charts to visualize your analytics data.

Share your data

Grist allows you to export data as CSV, Google sheet, and download them. If you need to share your entire database, you can do that by exporting it as an SQLite file.

Click here to learn more about Grist’s features.

How Much Does Grist Cost?

Grist comes with three different pricing plans, individual, team, and enterprise plan.

The TEAM plan starts from 8 USD per month with unlimited documents, Team (+2 Per Doc), dynamic views and charts, granular access control, automatic backup, and more.

If you need the enterprise plan, you can get it by contacting support for a custom pack. The enterprise plan comes with On-Premise Deployment, Custom Functionality, SAML Login Support, Use Your Own Domain, and a lot more.


Grist AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Managing the minutiae of your business can leave you swamped with so much data that you don’t know what to do with it. (β€œI need a spreadsheet to organize all my spreadsheets.”)

Grist takes your data management to the next level (or row/column) with a customizable spreadsheet-database platform that makes your life way easier. Make sure all your data lines up.

Link: Get lifetime access to Grist today!Β 

One Time Purchase of $49.00 $192.00

  • 1 User
  • Unlimited documents
  • Collaborate with team + 2 extra per document
  • Customize layouts
  • Dynamic views and charts
  • Granular access controls
  • Link sharing
  • Formulas with python support
  • Import/export data
  • Automatic backups
  • API access
  • Workspaces
  • Custom Grist subdomain

Get Lifetime Access Today!Β 

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