How to create a high performing landing page

Create landing page

In the previous article (1.4), you’ve learned how to choose a web host. In the meantime, you’ve chosen a perfect domain name and a web host.

Now in this article, you are about to learn how to create a high performing landing page for your affiliate product.

What is a Landing Page?

In online marketing, a landing page is a web page that has been created especially for a product, service or other purposes of an advertisement or marketing campaign.

A landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page“, “static page“, or a “destination page“, is a standalone web page where a visitor “reach” when they have clicked on a social media ads or Google AdWords ads or similar.

A Landing page helps you to increase your conversion rate in many ways. You need to learn a few aspects to create a high performing Landing page.

To make a Landing page that focused on your growth, you need to follow these instructions below.

For better understanding, I’ve organized this method in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Since you’ve set up your mind to work on the online marketing industry, you will have to create Landing pages for your affiliate products very often. To make it easier, you need to use a drag and drop page builder.

If you use a drag and drop page builder, you can create stunning landing pages in a short period of time as well as customize your whole WordPress website.

Now the question in your mind is, Which Drag and drop page builder should I use?Β 

You can check out this article where I wrote about the best 5 drag and drop page builder. Though I suggest you use Thrive Architect. You can get Thrive Architect from here.

And watch this video to learn how to install Thrive Architect on your WordPress.

Step 2

Create a new page and open it with Thrive editor. Now create a Headline on the top of the page. A headline gives your visitors a sign of what kind of content your site has. And also leads towards more product or service information.

So, you need to use a good headline that reflects what your product or service is meant for. For example-

  • Who else wants to make 500 USD in the next 7 days?
  • The fastest way to train your dog.
  • Discover the Secrets of Creating High Performing Landing Pages.

If you are offering an eBook for free then you can mention it here in the headline. Or if you don’t want to mention in the Headline that the eBook is free, you can create Post Headline and mention it here.

Step 3

Write a few sentences about the benefit of the product. Choose words that might attract your visitors.

The short paragraph will hook your readers.

You can also elaborate on why this product is needed, start with the problem and then end with the product as the solution to the problem.

For example, if you want to sell an Air Conditioner then you should write about the high temperature of summer and then write why an Air Conditioner is needed.

Try to write under 60 words. For example-

  • Improving golf swing is a vital part of every golf player. But it is a time-consuming task. What if you can improve your golf swing in a short period of time, in only five minutes per day for the next 7 days. And you’ll get an extra 15-20 yards to your drive. Yes, you can. Starting from right now.
  • The WordPress page builder is not good enough, that is why building Landing pages for your affiliate products is a hassle for every marketer. A drag and drop page builder is the solution to this problem.

Step 4

Create bullet points, you can make this list with the main benefits of your product. Try to make at least 5 bullet points. Can you remember how to write a Headline? Use the same tactic to create bullet points.

Once visitors will land on your Landing page, the first thing they’ll see is the Headline. They’ll understand what is it all about. The next they’ll see the short paragraph, where they’ll get to know why they need this product.

After that, they’ll see the bullet points and get to know all the major benefits of this product. So, write it that way.

For example-

  • Improve your golf swing in only 5 minutes per day for the next 7 day. And you’ll get an extra 15-20 yards to your drive.
  • Discover the Secrets of Creating High Performing Landing Pages. Etc.

Step 5

Now, you’ll have to create a call to action button. Let your visitors know that they need to subscribe by clicking here to get the benefits of this product. Give your visitor a sense of hurry. And down the button, you can add a few more benefits of the product and add another call to action button.

For example-

  • Submit your email and name in the form below and get the benefits of this product or get the eBook for free.! Limited time offer.
  • Enter your details in the form below and click on the button. You’ll get a free eBook about secret methods… Hurry! this offer may end at any time.

You’ll need an Autoresponder to create a fully functional call to action button and form that collect leads.

In the next article, you’ll learn in detail about Autoresponder.

Now, try to make a Landing page. Once you’ve created a Landing page try to make another one for another type of product. Visit a few different websites that promote your niche related product.

Try to understand their writing quality and use of design. And redesign another Landing page.Β That way you can improve the quality of your landing page design.

In the next article, you are about to learn What is Autoresponder? How to choose one that fits your needs.

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