How to Install WordPress? The Complete WordPress Installation Video Tutorial

Do you want to install WordPress on your web server or your local computer? This video guide is all about WordPress installation. I’m going to show you some different ways to properly install your WordPress CMS.
If you want to know how to properly install WordPress on your web server then this posts perfect for you. Before you install the WordPress CMS, If you want to install it on the web server then you have to have your own domain and web hosting.
Okay, So hope you have your own domain and hosting now.
Check out the below video to learn how to install WordPress in HostGator.com
So, I think now you know how to install it automatically. If you want to know the manual installation process then check out this video here.
Okay, now here has some others way to install the WordPress CMS, Check out this other resources here:

  • How to Install WordPress Using MOJO Marketplace
  • How to Install WordPress using Softaculous
  • How to Install WordPress using QuickInstall
  • How to Install WordPress using Fantastico
  • How to Install WordPress using FTP
  • How to Install WordPress in your Computer
  • How to Install WordPress in your Language
  • How to Install a WordPress Multisite Network
  • Things to do After Installing WordPress


You know that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world now. As you can see here have a lot of options to build a high-quality website without any coding knowledge.
If you want to get organic traffic then the WordPress platform is the best for you. I mean about SEO. Final word, if you are looking for the best and easy solution to create your own website then you can use WordPress CMS.

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