IDPLR review in 2022 – Scam or the best PLR site?

#1 PLR Membership Since 2008

IDPLR Review - SCAM or BEST PLR Site?

Are you looking for a reliable source of PLR content? If you’ve been searching for a while, you have probably seen the name IDplr several times. Could this be a reliable source of PLR content or is it a scam?

You’ll get to learn about IDplr in this article. But first, let’s understand what is actually PLR content? The full form of PLR is Private Label Rights. It is a license. Content with a PLR license allows you to claim full authorship of that particular product.

In this article, I‘ve reviewed the PLR membership platform called IDplr. And I tried to cover all those aspects that you want to know about this platform.

What Is IDPLR?


Well, as I already mentioned the meaning of PLR. And IDplr is a platform that provides content with a PLR license. While this is not the only platform that provides PLR content, there are many alternatives.

However, IDplr is one of the best among so many other good choices.

IDplr started in January 2008. Since then, they have been constantly adding quality PLR content to their libraries and have become one of the most popular PLR membership sites in the industry.

Not only that, they have successfully maintained their position as leading PLR content providers. Over 76,000+ people use IDplr to download PLR content for their needs.

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Product Categories Of IDPLR

Different people have different needs. IDPLR understands the needs of the client, which is why they have tried to keep all the categories like customer convenience.

IDplr has over 12600+ products in a variety of categories and continues growing. You can easily choose your desired product from a specific category.

Some of the popular categories are given below-

  • Articles
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Templates
  • Software and more.

What’s Inside IDPLR Membership?

If you want to know whether a platform is right for you, first you need to know what the platform is offering you. Now let’s see what IDplr offering you inside-


The library of IDplr has a huge collection of articles. With Private Label Right, there are more than 200,000+ articles available at moment and most of them are ready to use without any retouch.

Articles are the most commonly used PLR content by marketers and content creators. Since it helps you grow a list of potential customers by blog posts, social media engagement, and more way.


IDplr has hundreds of pre-designed templates so that you can instantly create a webpage and make money with PLR content. If you need a template for a specific niche, you can easily find that on IDplr.

They have multiple niche optimized templates including Make money online, Online marketing, Health, fitness, meditation, pets, and much more.


You’ll find more than 6,400+ eBooks in the library of IDplr. Most of these eBooks come with a PLR license. And the others have different licenses as well. eBooks are widely used by content creators, coaches, and marketers. There are several niches available for you to choose from. Some of them are Finance, Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Fitness, Health, Travel, Yoga, and more.


Graphical content is in high demand now because its use has increased so much. You’ll find hundreds of ready-to-use banners, photos, presentations, and more. Just download your desired content and start campaigning. Super beneficial to marketers.


If you are a marketer, you may find it as a gold mine. Since most of the video content on IDplr is in the marketing niche. There are a variety of categories available to choose from. Such as Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Funnel building, SEO, and much more.

There are over 1800+ video content available in the IDplr library.


You will find software as well. However, the number is quite limited.


If you don’t know how to make money with PLR content, no need to worry. IDplr has made video tutorials for you. All of these efforts for you, so that you can get the best possible outcome with PLR content. You can learn sales page building, photoshop, how to use PLR content to make money fast, and much more.

3D eCover:

3D eCover is software that you will find built-in inside IDplr. By using this software, you can easily create a 3D 360-degree rotatable eCover for your PLR product. You’ll be able to see a live preview while you create a cover. There are 6 templates available at the moment. Maybe more will be added in the future.


You’ll find over 300+ audio content in the library. I think the number is too low. Audio content is highly used by marketers to play podcasts. Since the podcast is highly effective for audience interaction.

Content creators also use audios to create videos and more.

Page builder:

IDplr even offers you a webpage builder to create webpages with ease.

Web hosting:

VIP members can access 10GB of web hosting with cPanel. The server is secure and fast.

Free Content:

Anyone can join IDplr for free with limited facilities. There is a collection of free content for free members. A free member can download a limited number of eBooks, videos, audios, graphics, video tutorials, some articles, and more. To me, the quality of free content is a bit dull.

Pricing Plans

IDPLR comes with 4 different pricing plans. To access IDplr without any restriction and with full download speed, you’ll have to upgrade your plan to Gold Member. Only then you can take full advantage of it.

The packs are given below-
  • Free Plan: IDplr offers a free plan with limited facilities. A free member can access over 200+ PLR contents and video tutorials.
  • Gold member Quarter plan: A three-month Gold Membership plan for USD 39 only.
  • Gold Member Yearly Plan: A full-year Gold Membership plan for USD 69 only.
  • VIP lifetime plan: You can get Lifetime access to IDplr with a one-time payment of USD 79 only.

(Note: At this time IDplr has a discounted offer, the offer will expire in a few days.)

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  • A lifetime plan for only $79 seems like a great deal to me. Especially in the long run.
  • A massive collection of over 200,000+ articles with PLR and more licenses. That’s huge.
  • The 3D eCover builder can be handy, especially for newbies.
  • A free plan is always considered a good aspect.


  • You’ll find some old outdated products in the library.
  • I have seen others complain about some technical issues on IDplr. There were some issues in the past. But now the site is healthy and seems fine to me.
  • I am unsatisfied with their support. They need to put more effort into support.
  • There are some poorly described products available in the library.


In the end, I’ve found IDplr quite beneficial. IDplr has thousands of products in different categories. But I think online marketers will benefit the most since most of their product lineup is in the marketing niche.

I’ve mentioned several times, whether a service is good or bad depends on your need. Currently, IDplr is offering a free plan for you. Join, and see if it fits your need.

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Is IDPLR Scam or Legit?

IDplr is a legitimate website where you can download PLR products. Some of their products may not meet your expectations. But that doesn’t make them scammer.

How to use IDplr products?

IDplr is not a product. IDplr is a platform that provides PLR products. And PLR products can be used to make money online. To learn how to use PLR products to make money online, click here.

Is IDplr.com free?

Yes and No. IDplr offers a free plan to join their platform. But it will give you limited access. You’ll have access to only 200+ PLR products. To get full benefit without any restriction, you’ll have to upgrade your membership plan to a GOLD member.

Can you make money with IDplr?

Yes. You can make money with IDplr as an affiliate. Or you can use their product to make money. There are many proven and effective methods available to make money with PLR content. To learn more about how to make money with PLR products, click here.

Have any IDplr alternative PLR membership sites?

Yes. There are hundreds of PLR membership sites available on the web. However, there are very few websites available that can be called an IDplr alternative. To learn about the IDplr alternative, click here.

Which is the better PLR site, IndigitalWorks or IDplr?

I’ve mentioned several times, whether a service is good or bad depends on your need. I think InDigitalWorks seems like a good alternative to IDplr. Both sites offer free membership plans to try out their service. But before you joining to any platform I will highly suggest you check out this ranking of best plr membership sites here.

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