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To run a business successfully whether it is online or offline, creating new contents frequently is a vital part. If you are doing business online whether it is small or large, especially if you are working in the online marketing industry then you might know that content creation is a must task for you.

The most effective content format that allows you to earn the trust of your audience is video content. And when you talk about trust, the only way to get conversions as a comprehensive way is by earning the trust of your audience.

Why Video Content?

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Video is a highly engaging content format that gives your audience a visual story of what is going on.

Video content is the most effective way to translate the fact and it affects your audience immediately and emotionally.

Not only that, but it is also easy to share on any platform. People like video content because it is easy to understand and entertaining.

Video contents help you to improve SEO, because search engines algorithms mostly detect video content format as high-quality content. The benefit doesn’t end here.

If you often publish new video contents then your audience finds you as an expert of this particular field.

That way you can grow your business and turn it into a brand. Did you know from earlier? Yes?

Then why don’t create video contents when it is so healthy for your business?

I’m telling you why.

What are the Obstructions?

The main obstruction starts with video editing. Once you’ve recorded a video, you’ll have to edit the video well. If you publish your video content without editing professionally, then you’ll get a bad impact on your business. Your audience will think that you are not professional or not serious about your business.

The problem grows here, most of the video editing software is so complex even a professional video editor takes a lot of time to produce a professional-grade video content. But entrepreneurs don’t have that time to spend on video editing. Do you have that much time?

On the other hand, almost all the video editing software available in the market is so difficult to use. And if you don’t have your own video then no video editing software allows you to create content, do they?

And also the interface is complex, if you are a beginner then it’ll be very hard for you to understand.

Animation gives life on video content, have you ever added animation on your video? Was it an easy experience? Of course, NO. Adding animation using the current video editing software you are using is not an easy task.

What is the solution?

Video content creation is difficult because the tools you are using are complex. You have to transform your workflow to the next level, and all you need to do is use a Video Creator tool that is easy to use and that lets you create content even if you don’t have your own video.

You need to use a tool that offers you the following features-

  • A tool that lets you create video content in a short period of time.
  • You need a tool that has all the powerful features you’ll need to make professional-grade content in one place.
  • Once you’ve completed your editing part the next hassle is Video rendering. It takes a lot of time. So, you need a tool where you can publish your video without rendering.
  • You need a tool that allows you to add animation to your content in a single tap.
  • Square and Rectangular Video format has become trendy. So, you need a tool that lets create Square and Rectangular Video in a matter of a few seconds.
  • There are many people around, who do not like to appear in the camera. If you are that person, then you need a tool that lets you create video content even if you don’t have your own video.
  • You need a tool that works on mobile devices with full features also so that you can continue your workflow from anywhere.

Does it seem impossible to find a tool that has all of these enhanced features in one place? And yet we are expecting that tool to be easy to use? Doesn’t seem difficult to me.

The only solution I’ve found

I’m an entrepreneur, and it is very hard for me to maintain my schedules. I used to hire freelance video editors to accomplish my task, even then it took a lot of time to explain how I want that video.

That is why I was always in search of a tool that has those features above.

And finally, I’ve found a video creator that has all the features that I ever wanted. It is called Klippyo.

Remember Viddyoze? As you know that Viddyoze is the leading automated 3D animation online platform. Klippyo has been developed by the same team behind Viddyoze.

Alongside one of the most popular YouTuber Derral Eves, he has over 500,000 subscribers and over a billion views.

And that is why they know exactly what you need to make highly engaging videos with ease.

And here is why I think this is the best solution-

1. Easiest editor

Klippyo is the easiest video creator I’ve seen so far. Only a few step process. Shoot or import video, customize and publish. No need to waste your time in video rendering. Adding text, emojis or quotes on your video is easier than ever.

2. All in one, Professional Videos In Minutes!

With Klippyo, no need to spend hours on video creating like a typical complex video editor. And also the software you are using costs too high to subscribe. On the other hand, Klippyo is significantly cheaper and it allows you to make stunning professional-grade video contents with ease. And to make it happen, it would not take more than a few minutes.

3. Animation

As you know that animation makes your video more effective. Klippyo allows you to add intros & outros to your videos in a single tap. And also, it lets you customize if you want to. Social links at the end of the video make a significant impact on your business, so Klippyo also lets you add Social links at your video in a matter of seconds.

4. One Tap

As you know that Video memes aren’t just the trendy new thing to do. Video memes are the proven method to increase engagement and get more clicks and conversions. That is why Klippyo allows you to make Video memes in seconds.

Caption on videos helps to get higher engagement. But adding caption to videos is a time-consuming task to do. Thankfully, Klippyo makes it easier than ever. Now you can add caption on your video with just a single tap. Klippyo also gives you the option to upload caption files if you want.

5. Create Video content without shooting

If you don’t have your own video, no problem at all. Klippyo allows you to integrate with Viddyoze Stock so that you can get access to thousands of stock video clips. That way you can create videos using their video form.

Klippyo makes the process as simple as possible, just pick a professional video from their comprehensive library, customize as you want and click on the publish button. You are done. No need to shoot.

6. Video Optimizer

As you know that Vertical & square videos have become so popular due to different platforms. And it a proven method to increase click performance. Creating Vertical & square videos using a typical video editor takes time and the process is problematic.

That is why Klippyo comes with special features so that you can create Vertical & square videos in just a few seconds. No more manual video resizing. With Klippyo, just hit the button and you are done.

7. Create from Mobile devices!

Klippyo is a 100% Cloud-Based video creator. That is why there is no pain of installation or no need to worry about your computer configuration. Using Klippyo, you can even create Videos right from your mobile devices. What else do you need?


Once I’ve started using Klippyo, it has transformed my workflow to the next level. I no longer need my computer to create or publish video content. Now I can create videos for my projects right from my tab, sometimes I use my mobile also.

No matter wherever I am, on car or train, I can continue my workflow. Device and complexity cannot prevent me from accomplishing my task, not anymore. This is the fastest, easiest and smartest way to create Highly Engaging Videos.

If the similar problems also preventing you from accomplishing your task, then you can use Klippyo to transform your workflow to the next level.

You can get the benefits of this amazingly easy to use Video Creator with an affordable price. They are offering 3 different packages-

KLIPPYO – This license of Klippyo is for those users who are creating videos for their own business.

Starting at $77 to $97.

KLIPPYO STUDIO – This is a monthly subscription package with all the high-end features.

At $47 per month.

KLIPPYO MASTERCLASS – Or you can get the full-featured license with a one-time offer.

At $197.

Click on the button below to find out more.

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