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Nexweave lifetime deal & review – Boost audience engagement

Create Hyper-Personalized Images & Video!

Nexweave helps you create hyper-personalized images, GIFs, and interactive videos to display in emails, LinkedIn messages, chatbots, and web pages.

Are you spending hundreds of dollars on advertising but not getting the expected engagement? Personalized media can help you boost the engagement rate.

Most successful marketers all over the globe use personalized images and videos to boost their engagement rates. However, creating personalized media for a large audience is a hassle of its own. Today,

I’ve come up with a solution that can ease that hassle for you.

Link: Introducing Nexweave.

In this article, you will learn more about Nexweave. And how it can help you boost prospect engagement by 9x using personalized media.


What is Nexweave?

Nexweave helps you create hyper-personalized images, GIFs, and interactive videos to display in emails, LinkedIn messages, chatbots, and web pages.

It’s an alternative to Nifty Images and Picsnippets. Nexweave is best for agencies, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs looking to better connect with their audience through personalization.

With Nexweave you can create hyper-personalized images, GIFs, and interactive videos at scale that compel your audience.

Embed your personalized assets into your sales and marketing content, helping you get better results.

Link: Learn more about Nexweave

Nexweave Features

Nexweave is all about customized media and boost. So, it comes with features that let you do so. Some of the features are given below-

Template Library: When you are creating personalized media for a large audience, you don’t wanna starts from scratch. Nexweave comes with an enhanced media library.

From here, you will be able to access image templates, gifs templates, and video templates.
Just choose a template that fits your need, customize it, and you are ready to boost engagement.

Experience Editor: To create personalized and engaging media, having a quality editor is a must. Keeping that in mind, Nexweave has developed an Experience Editor.

Using this editor, you can edit components, properties, change & edit background, customize each corner, change metadata, even create your own templates.

Marketing Automation: With Nexweave, you can automate your marketing campaigns. To do that, it allows you to integrate with various powerful platforms, including-

Apollo, Anyleads, AutoPilotHQ, Customerly, Encharge, Gist, HighLevel, OntraPort, Sendinblue, and a lot more.

White label Solution: If you have been looking for a white label solution, Nexweave can be the ideal choice for your need. You can Nexweave into your own media personalization platform.

To do that, it allows you to add a custom domain for images & videos, a custom domain & login for application, add brand presets, sub-account custom domain, and SMTP.

Link: Learn more about Nexweave’s features.

How Much Does Nexweave Cost?

Nexweave comes with three different pricing plans, free plan, starter plan, and growth plan.

The starter plan starts from 49 USD with 500 credits per month, up to 60 Sec HD Video, Email Support, and so on. One video experience costs 1 credit. And with 1 credit, you can experience twenty images.

However, if you want the growth plan with a dedicated customer success manager, 5,000 credits, and up to 90 Sec HD / 60 Sec HD Video, it will cost you $249 per month.


Nexweave AppSumo Lifetime Deal

The power of personalization is boundless, whether it’s your business communication channels or your nephew’s popsicle stick art of your name. (β€œI will treasure this masterpiece forever.”)

If you really want to take personalized messaging to the next level, Nexweave offers an exciting arsenal of personalized images, GIFs, and videos.

Forge stronger connections with your audience at scale through hyper-personalized, interactive content.

Link: Get lifetime access to Nexweave today!Β 

Stand out to your customers with hyper-personalized images, GIFs, and interactive videos.

Plans and Features (Deal Terms) – Started at $49

  • Up to 1080p video resolution
  • Unlimited website personalization
  • Reply with email widget
  • Click to call from the video widget
  • Hotspot and Form widgets

Get lifetime access to Nexweave today!Β 

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