What is Ping-O-Matic? How to ping your site!

Do you want to index your new blog post to the most popular search engine like Google? If yes then you can invite the spider to crawl your new blog post using Ping-O-Matic.

Okay, before we get started we have to learn How Google Works?

Google is like a book and all of the books have an index page where the author index their all chapters.

So, if you want Google to show your website on their search result you must have to be indexed in their database. So, now the question is

how to index quickly?

Okay, this is the first thing you have to do is Ping your website to invite the spiders to crawl your new blog post. And we can use the Ping-O-Matic.

Check out this video

how we can ping our new blog post: Okay, so hope you understand how to ping your website.

If you are focusing on SEO then follow this video to know about the steps for getting index your website in google instantly.


If you are a blogger then Ping-O-Matic really very helpful tools for us. This site interface is so simple and clean. When you publish your new post just ping first using this tool. It will help you to get the index and also you will get some organic traffic.

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  1. Lazuk, just want to thank you for this awesome post! I had never heard of Ping O Matic till I found this. I can’t wait to try it out and see how it impacts my traffic. Thanks again! Steve

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