PLR.me review in 2022: Is it really worth it?

PLR.me Can Be A Done-For-You Solution!

PLR.me Review: Is It Really Worth It?

Are you someone who spends hundreds of hours writing articles for your website and creating content for email follow-up? If so, PLR.me can be a done-for-you solution for all your needs.

“Creating content from scratch isn’t easy. It takes time and resources which cost you both ways.”

So, have you been looking for a reliable solution for your regular need for content? A quality PLR product is a solution you are looking for. However, there are hundreds of websites out there that provide PLR content. Among those, very few deliver the quality that you desire.

Where quality matters, that is where PLR.me comes into the discussion. In this article, I’ve reviewed PLR.me so that you can find out whether this platform is right for you.

What Is PLR.me?


PLR.me is a pretty straightforward name. One may confuse this site with PLR. Well, PLR is a short form of Private Label Rights. And PLR.me is a website that provides a ton of quality PLR content. By registering on this site, you can download content with a PLR license and use it under your own brand with full authority.

PLR.me was founded in 2008. Where most of the PLR platform goes after quantity, PLR.me focused on quality.

Since then, they have been constantly adding quality content to their library and have become one of the most popular and reliable PLR platforms in the industry.

You can visit their official website by clicking here.

PLR.me Product Categories

You can download over 14,905+ done-for-you PLR content and hundreds of ready-made packages of brandable coaching resources. You can browse these contents in a variety of categories.

Some of the popular categories are given below-
  • Marketing (Online Marketing, Make money online, Courses, etc.)
  • Time Management
  • Motivation (Carrier, Confident, Mindset, Job, etc.)
  • Self Improvement
  • Graphics
  • Audios (Inspiration, Relaxation, Music, etc.)
  • Video
  • Articles
  • Relationship & Dating
  • Achievements, Goals, etc.
  • Anxiety, Depression, etc.
  • Finance (Savings, Real estate, Investment, and much more)

Click here to learn more about Plr.me available categories.


A PLR platform not only provides content with a Private Label Right license but also with other licenses as well. So, PLR.me provides content with the following licenses-

  • PLR (Private Label Rights)
  • RR (Resell Rights)
  • MRR (Master Resell Rights)
  • Personal Rights
  • Giveaway Rights

What’s Inside PLR.me Membership?


Now let’s see what you will get once you become a member of this platform. Only then you’ll be able to understand whether PLR.me is ideal for you or not.


You’ll find a ton of quality articles in the library. Most of these articles have been written by their own dedicated team. So that you don’t have to worry about content quality.


eBooks are widely used by internet marketers to grow customer lists, email follow-ups, and giveaway purposes. It can be a gold mine to you if you are a marketer too. You will find hundreds of good-quality eBooks with PLR and other licenses as well.


PLR.me has a huge collection of newsletters. Due to the widespread use of this type of content by marketers, most newsletters have been created after extensive research. You can browse their newsletter now.

Coaching Resources:

You’ll have access to over 400 ready-made bundle packages of instantly brandable coaching resources. These contents were bundled after market research. And most of these done-for-you bundles are the PLR.me best deals. You can easily find a bundle for your need by clicking here.

Training Videos:

To get maximum out of it, PLR.me have created a step by step tutorials on how you can make money with PLR content, how to attract coaching clients, how to get traffic, how to create an awesome course using their brandable content, and more.


In order to give life to your text contents, PLR.me has a large collection of illustrated infographics. You can also use these graphical contents to decorate your website.

Content autoloader:

Now you can preload a year’s worth of content on your website by using this tool. You can get this useful tool right now by clicking here.

Product Showcase:

This is a tool that allows you to showcase your product or project with a beautiful image grid.

Auto Slider:

When you are using coaching resources to create courses, you’ll also need a presentation of your course. By using this tool, you can easily create stunning slides in minutes.

Content summarizer:

If you download a large eBook and want to make a summary out of it. This tool allows you to pick the key part of the content. Highly beneficial to Social media marketers and bloggers.

Email formatting tool:

By using this tool, you can create stunning email formats for desktop users as well as for mobile users.

To learn more about Plr.me categories, β†’ visit the official website.


The pricing plan of PLR.me is quite unique from other alternatives. If you see this kind of price for the first time, you may feel a little confused. Anyone can join here for free with limited facilities, but someone who needs the full benefit of this platform must buy credits. Everything’s here is calculated as credits.

You must purchase credits using USD and then you can use these credits to download content.

Currently, PLR.me has 6 different plans to join-

  • Free plan: You’ll get 2 credits each month for free.
  • Pay as you go plan: 10 credits for $ 22 only. ($ 2.20 per credit).
  • Monthly plan (100): 100 credits for $ 99 only. ($ 0.99 per credit).
  • Yearly plan (400): 400 credits for $379 only. ($ 0.95 per credit).
  • Yearly plan (800): 800 credits for $579 only. ($ 0.72 per credit).
  • Yearly plan (2500): 2500 credits for $999 only. ($ 0.40 per credit).

β†’ Visit PLR.me Official Site

  • Amazing user experience.
  • One of the best support teams in the business. 24/7 active support.
  • Source file downloads automatically along with the PLR content.
  • Products are available in a wide variety of categories and niches.
  • Several web-based tools to help you steps-up in the market.
  • Confusing pricing plan. Some people like it, others go away for this kind of plan.
  • The list of content should be further expanded.


In the end, I’ve found PLR.me quite beneficial to my needs. However, the pricing plan isn’t cheap, isn’t high either. I think the pricing plans are average. But hey, you can join PLR.me for free. To learn more, join PLR.me for free by clicking here. And download a few PLR content, see if you like it.

If you like the platform, then you can always purchase credits for further downloads.


Is PLR.me Scam or Legit?

PLR.me is definitely a legitimate platform that has been providing PLR content since 2008. This is one of the best PLR platforms in the industry. Not only that, the ratio of quality products in PLR.me is significantly higher than other alternatives.

How to use PLR.me products?

PLR products can be used for many purposes. You can use these products to make money online by creating online courses, marketers use these products for giveaways and follow-ups, some people use these products to post regularly on blogs.

PLR.me has created step-by-step training videos to guide you so that you can get the maximum out of it.

You can watch those step-by-step training videos by clicking here.

Is PLR.me free?

Yes, you can join PLR.me for free. Once you join, you’ll get 2 credits each month to download PLR content. However, if you want to download more products then you’ll have to purchase credits and then use those credits to download further. Click here to learn more about pricing plans.

PLR.me coupon code

PLR.me often promotes exciting offers to join their platform. At the moment, they are offering a discounted price to visitors through their partners.

You may get a discounted price if you join the platform by clicking here. (Copuon Code Activated In This Link)

Have any PLR.me alternative PLR membership sites?

There are hundreds of websites available on the web that provide PLR content. However, only a few of these websites provide quality content. And Plr.me is one of the best among those sites. If you want to learn more about PLR.me alternatives, click here.

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