SendSpark lifetime deal & review in 2022

Effective way to develop customer relationships.

SendSpark lifetime deal

Do you want to accelerate online sales? The key to increasing online sales is to maintain a good relationship with the customer. But the problem is everyone knows the key. In this SendSpark review article, you are going to learn a more effective way to develop customer relationships.

What do you do to build a good relationship in order to grow sales online? Texting via email, social media? Everyone else is doing the same. Everyone wants customer’s attention.

Do you know how many emails an average customer receives every day? The number is over 100. The number doesn’t include calls and direct messages.

A bit crowded, right?

It is quite challenging to get the attention of your potential customer. To stand out from the crowd, you have to do something unique. Something that not everyone is doing. This is where SendSpark steps in.

What Is SendSpark?

SendSpark Lifetime Deal And Review

SendSpark is a tool that lets you record videos directly in your browser and gives you a clickable GIF that you can embed in any email. Once someone clicks on this GIF, it will open the video you recorded on a landing page.

To get the most out of it, SandSpark allows you to add a call-to-action button at the bottom of your recorded video.

You can record video via camera or you can record the screen. Once a video is recorded you will also get a link. Using this link, you can easily add the video on social media and even on your website.

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Why Use SendSpark?

Yes, you can add a video with a call-to-action button on an email. But why add a video in the first place?

Well, it shows that you care about your customer. You value their time. Instead of talking, you are showing them what exactly you want to express.

This method of reaching out is unique. Not everyone else is doing that way. A simple video poses a clear advantage over texting.

If you have a sales funnel and you track down at what point your potential customer steps out. You can easily follow them up and drive them back in by clarifying their doubt with a SendSpark video message.

This small change has a huge impact on online sales and dramatically increases sales.

How Does SendSpark Work?

The user interface of SendSpark is very friendly and clean. You can easily add SendSpark on your internet browser with a few simple clicks.

Just visit the SendSpark website, look for ” Add Extension” at the top of the webpage. Click on the extension, and it’ll take you to the webstore. Then simply click on the Add extension button.

Walla! Done.

You can record videos by using that extension or you can use their website. Once an account is signed up, you can easily record a video using a camera or upload a prerecorded and edited video from your computer even record a screen to demonstrate what you want to express.

SendSpark Features


SendSpark offers some beneficial features to get more out of it. Some of the features are given below-

Branding: As I’ve mentioned, your video will appear on a landing page, you can add your brand logo to the top of that page and build authority.

Video Request: This feature allows you to request someone to record a video. You can ask your client to record a video directly from their internet browser that you will be able to watch. For example, you can ask your customer for feedback or a brief review and use this video on your website.

Templates: SendSpark has many templates specially designed for different kinds of needs. Such as Customer Success, Business Development, Marketing and so on. Just choose a relevant template and start recording. Easy.

Social Share: This feature allows you to share your recorded video directly on LinkedIn or Twitter. Build your audience base by showcasing what you’ve got for them.

Call to action: You can add a call-to-action button at the bottom of your video. It really helps to grow sales.

SendSpark Pricing

At the moment, SendSpark offers 3 different pricing plans for you. Details are given below-

Free Plan: With limited benefits, you can start using SendSpark for free now. You’ll be able to create up to 30 videos under SendSpark’s branding. This means you can’t add your brand logo to your videos. And you can’t download your videos.

PRO Plan: You can access the PRO plan for 12 USD per month. PRO plan gives you a full facility of SendSpark. Such as Unlimited Video creation limit, add your own branding, add call-to-action buttons, downloading your video, and much more.

Enterprise Plan: If you own a business and need custom facilities, you can contact them and take an enterprise custom plan according to your needs. These include unlimited video creation, team training webinars, premium support, CRM integration, and more. You can get a demo now.Β 

SendSpark Lifetime Deal

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Most of the features of SendSpark are beneficial. Some of the pros listed below-

  • A very clean and user-friendly dashboard.
  • SendSpark tracks your video and shows you how many people watched your video, how many of them liked your video, how many clicks you’ve got, and more.
  • A forever free plan to try their service is a good aspect.
  • A button at the bottom of the video is a game changer.
  • TheΒ  video request feature is quite unique and beneficial for business owners and marketers.


SendSpark has some downside as well-

  • You can’t add a button at the bottom of your video unless you have a PRO plan.
  • You can’t record on any browser you want. I couldn’t record on Safari browser. SendSpark suggests Google Chrome and Brave.
  • You can’t share videos on any social media you want to. There are some limitations.


In the end, I found SendSpark quite useful for my needs. And it has helped me get more customer engagement. Adding a GIF to the email that acts as a video playable clickable button is a clever move.

You can access SendSpark for free forever and try out their service, and see if you like it.Β 

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