How to find better content ideas?

In this post, you’ll discover how to create specific types of articles, such as “how to” or “case study” articles that promote products.
However, maybe you’re wondering how to get article ideas. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll just plain run out of things to write about, eventually.
No worries! In this post, you’ll learn how to drum up dozens or even hundreds of article ideas in a matter or a few minutes.

Read the Table of Contents of Popular Books

If you’re selling an information product, then you can get plenty of article ideas just by reading the table of contents of the book you’re promoting.
Example: You can turn the topic of each chapter into an article.
And the best part, Just look on ​Amazon – you don’t even have to buy the book in order to get a peek at the table of contents.
Example: Let’s say you’re promoting an Etsy Dropshipping book with the following chapters:

  • What is Etsy?
  • Should you sell on Etsy?
  • How to open an Etsy storefront?
  • Best products to sell on Etsy?
  • How to market in your Etsy shop?

Each chapter is at least one article. For more articles, look at the sub-chapters, too.
Tip: This works even if you’re promoting physical products. For example, if you’re promoting a weight loss supplement, you can still browse the table of contents of popular weight loss books to get article ideas.

Browse the Sales Letters of Popular Products

Instead of looking at a book’s table of contents, read the sales letter. In particular, pay attention to the bullet points, as each bullet point should give you an idea for an article you can write.
Example: A bullet point for a diet book might be: “You’ll discover ten antioxidant-rich foods that taste great and are low-fat!” Bam – you can create your own article from this one bullet point!

Check Out Niche Forums

Go ahead and “eavesdrop” on the popular forums in your niche. Browse the archives.
Which topics keep coming up again and again? Which topics get the most views and discussion?
If the forum has the “cloud tag” feature enabled, see which keywords pop up repeatedly. All of these topics are possible article ideas for you!

Keep an Eye on Popular Blogs

Likewise, check out the popular blogs in your niche. Do you see a topic that’s popped up across multiple blogs? And which topics tend to generate a lot of comments and discussion?
Again, these are possible topics for your next blog post (but be sure to put your own spin on them).

Look to Yahoo! Answers

Take a peek at your niche category at http://answers.yahoo.com. Which of the questions generate a lot of response? And which questions tend to pop up again and again?
These popular questions are possible blog posts for you. Indeed, you can even make a series of blog posts that address the FAQs (frequently asked questions) in your niche!
Example: A FAQ for an Internet marketing blog might include questions like this:

  • How do you pick a niche?
  • How do you set up a website?
  • How do you create a sales page?
  • What’s the best way to drive traffic?
  • What’s the best way to build a list?

And so on. You can create a “top ten” FAQ list, where you answer one question in each of a series of ten articles.

Use Keyword Tools to Uncover Popular Topics

Go back to ​WordTracker or your favorite tool, enter your broad keywords (like “online marketing” or “golf”) and take a close look at the results. These results are the words people are currently using in the search engines – and all these keywords should give you an idea for something you can blog about.
Example: A keyword like “how to grow sweet corn” gives you at least one article idea.

See What’s Popular in Article Directories

Many article directories list their more popular articles in each category – or at least they tell you how many times the article has been viewed.
So all you have to do is go to an article directory like ​EzineArticles, click on any article in your category, and scroll down for the list of the most popular articles. Then you can create your own article on the same topic.
Note: Again, don’t copy the article. In fact, you don’t even have to read the article. Just use the article title as inspiration to create your own blog post.

Re-purpose Your Existing Articles

Once you start blogging a lot, you’ll know what’s popular (both in terms of views and profits).
Then all you have to do is re-purpose one of your own existing articles to create a new article on the same topic.
Example: If an article like “Top Ten Diet Tips” was successful, then take each of those tips in the article and create a new article around it. In other words, you’ll create ten new articles based on the ten tips in your original article.
So, now i hope you have a great idea of how you can find your blog post content ideas. You need to research those sites and in the next 30 minutes, you will get a ton of ideas in any niches.

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