Best 5 translation plugins for a multilingual website

If you are reading this article that means you obviously know English language but there are billions of people out there who don’t know English. They are also surfing around the internet. And only stays on those websites that support their language.
Now, if you can make your website multi-language support then these huge sources of traffic can access your website.
WordPress is a comprehensive platform and using WordPress you’ll be able to create multilingual websites. Though it doesn’t come with built-in features to make multilingual websites, there are many powerful plugins available in the market that can allow you to make multilingual websites.
It is always pretty much difficult to choose the right plugin that fits your needs. There are so many options out there. So, you might be overwhelming while you are choosing a Translation plugin for your website.

Which aspects to look for?

Using a translation plugin, you can easily make a multilingual website as well as publish multilingual content. Every plugin is not created equally and performances are not the same.
You need to look for a few aspects to choose the best translation plugin for your WordPress websites.

  • SEO: Make sure that your Translation plugin is SEO friendly.
  • Auto-Translation: A good Translation plugin will automatically translate for your visitors. And if they want, they can use a third-party translator like Google translator.
  • Human Translation: Human translation is always better than auto-translation. So, it also lets you manually add multilingual content to your website.
[tcb-script src=”https://apis.google.com/js/platform.js”][/tcb-script] Now, let’s see the best 5 Translation plugins for WordPress powered websites.


WPML is one of the most powerful and popular translation plugins for WordPress powered websites. Using WPML, you can easily run a multilingual website.
It let you choose languages for your website to start translating content. WPML allows you to translate in over 40 languages and if you want to add your local language variants like Canadian French or Mexican Spanish, you can do that too by using WPML’s languages editor.
WPML is more focused on translation quality because building a multilingual site is easy, but the challenge is whether your visitors are enjoying your contents or not.
The interface is clean and easy to use, that really makes it easier to add translations and manage multilingual content across your website. WPML support on almost all the major themes, so it also supports all post types, taxonomies, custom fields, and strings generated by your existing website.
WPML works beautifully with almost all popular SEO plugins and also takes care of all multilingual SEO. It allows you to select which content needs to be translated, you can submit directly on your website. WPML let you connect with third-party translation service providers and more.
WPML is a premium plugin and has different packages so that you can choose which version of WPML is right for you.

2. TranslatePress

TranslatePress is popular and easy to use WordPress translation plugin. It let you translate your entire website including short-codes, form and page builders. You can also integrate with third-party translator service like Google Translate so that you can quickly get up to speed and only translate what’s not perfect.
TranslatePress allows you to add any WordPress menu in order to extend language switcher by including a floater menu, shortcode and individual menu. TranslatePress compatible with almost all the major plugins though you don’t need to install extra add-ons to make your job done.
TranslatePress comes with all the features you need to run a successful multilingual website. It is SEO friendly too, it supports page slug, page title, description, Twitter and Facebook social graph information.
TranslatePress support Sitemap of Yoast SEO.
It has more beneficial features like Automatic User Language Detection, Translator Accounts, Browse As User Role, Language by getting parameter, Navigation Based on Language and many more including WooCommerce support.

3. Polylang

​Polyla​​ng is another comprehensive plugin that can be very useful to make your WordPress website multilingual. Over 400 thousand owners using this amazing plugin as a multilingual solution for their website.
It has all the necessary features you’ll need to run a successful multi-language site. With Polylang, you can easily translate posts, pages, media, categories, or tags and more.
As a bonus it allows you to translate custom post types, URLs, navigation menus, even custom taxonomies.
Polylang is easy to use. Just add a language switcher and start translating. The interface is easily understandable and it integrates with WordPress admin panel perfectly to give you efficient workflow.
One of the good aspects of Polylang is, it’s compatible with major SEO plugins. With Polylang you don’t need to worry about multilingual SEO like HTML hreflang tags and opengraph tags, It automatically takes care of these.
Only down-side we found is, it does not have a built-in feature to translate your WordPress theme and plugins. Polylang does not have any built-in eCommerce support.
So if you need these features, you’ll have to purchase add-ons in order to have these features.

4. Multilingual Press

​Multilingual Press is another powerful Multilingual plugin for WordPress. And it comes with all the important features as well as a few unique features that other similar plugin does not have.
It takes quite a different approach in order to create WordPress powered multilingual websites. Multilingual Press allows you to run different language on separate websites.
Multilingual Press lets you translate almost everything you see including posts, pages, categories, tags and taxonomies. It supports WooCommerce too.
So if you need to translate WooCommerce post types, you can easily do that and manage your stores as well.
This useful plugin also optimized for SEO. Its completely SEO friendly and take cares of URLs and Permalinks so that you don’t need to set permalinks manually.
Multilingual Press handles your permalinks like you manually set them up.
This is a premium plugin packed with premium features. Currently, they are offering 4 different packages, you can choose one based on your needs.

5. Weglot

​Basically, We​​glot is a cloud-hosted platform that allows you to make your WordPress website multi-language supported. Weglot Translation API that integrates seamlessly with your website and makes it a multilingual site.
Also, it automatically detects your existing content language and translates your text contents.
It comes with almost all the necessary features you’ll need. And it is SEO friendly. Weglot automatically takes care of title, metadata, hreflang and index it.
Weglot also supports WooCommerce and allow you to translate WooCommerce post types and let you manage your stores and much more.
Weglot translates automatically and also support human translations as well.
So you don’t need to start from scratch because of the Automatic translations provided by the best machine learning providers such as Microsoft, DeepL, Google or Yandex.
It has more useful features like context editor, professional translators, Visitors auto-redirect, Localized experience, Content detection and more. This is a premium multilingual solution and currently, it has 5 different packages.
You can choose the billing method between monthly and annually.

πŸ“ Which one should I choose?

We’ve tried to let you learn about the best 5 Multilingual plugins for WordPress powered websites. And each 5 of them are best in their own way. Though we think WPML would be the best choice to make your website multilingual.
Currently, they are offering 3 different packages starting at $29. This plugin has all the features that are required to make your website multilingual and run successfully. And the support is good too.

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