WoWonder review in 2022 – The ultimate PHP social network platform script

Create Your Own PHP Social Network Platform!

WoWonder - The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

Are you looking for a reliable PHP Social Network Script to build your own social media platform?

Well, great idea to move forward. However, finding the best script can be a hassle. Most starters lose their spirit while choosing a theme or script for a website. People who do not have enough knowledge in coding may be somewhat overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices.

With this in mind, I’ve done in-depth research and came up with the best PHP script to create a social network.

Link: Meet WoWonder.

In this article, you will learn more about WoWonder. And how you can build your very own social network using the WoWonder script.


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What Is WoWonder?

WoWonder is one of the best PHP Social Network Script that you can find on the market. This outstanding five-star rated script has been developed by the Doughouz Forest team.

Using CodeCanyon WoWonder, you will be able to build a fully functional and professional-grade social media network without in-depth knowledge in coding.

While developing the script, security was their main concern. So, they have used the rich coding and popular Bootstrap framework to build WoWonder. With a powerful caching system, your social network will be lightning fast.

If you plan to display ads on your site or implement various subscription plans to make money, then WoWonder is perfect for you. Since it allows you to monetize your site with ease.

WoWonder Features

WoWonder comes packed with all the enhanced features that you will ever need to run and manage your social network. Some of the widely popular features are given below-

Advanced Admin Panel:

WoWonder knows that having an extensive admin panel is crucial to managing a social network. With CodeCanyon WoWonder, you will have access to a powerful admin panel. That gives you extensive control over your social network.

You can manage your site content, users, posts, pages, groups, and more. For personalization, it allows you to change color, style, and so on. For your unique social network, it let you develop unique settings as well.

Instant Messaging:

We all know, people mostly use social networks to communicate with friends and family. And live chatting is the most popular method of social network communication. With that in main, WoWonder has developed an Instant Messaging system powered by NodeJs.

It supports instant text massaging along with Audio, Video calls, emojis, chat groups, and much more. Because, what’s the point of having a social network if you can communicate instantly?

Live Streaming:

Nowadays live streaming has become a widely popular method of social communication. Without a Live streaming feature, it will be extremely hard to convince people to use your social platform. With that in mind, WoWonder has developed a top-notch live streaming system.

Now your social network users can go live anytime, anywhere, using any device.


No matter what kind of service you are providing, in the end, you need money to maintain that service. For this, you must find a way to make money from your platform. WoWonder team understand that and developed an inbuilt advanced monetization feature.

So that, you can make money from your social network by displaying advertising or by selling subscription-based services. With WoWonder, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to receive payment.

Payment Options:

Using the WoWonder script, you can create a subscription-based social network. Or sell subscription-based features on your social network. To do that, now it supports almost all the payment methods.

Whether your user wants to pay you using Bitcoin, PayPal, Local Bank, Credit / Debit Cards, and by Mobile, you can accept payment from them seamlessly.


No matter what kind of website you create, a large number of audiences will browse your site using mobile devices. If your site is not responsive, you will lose a massive amount of audience. Not to mention, a bad user experience is not good for business growth.

With that in mind, the WoWonder script has been developed to be responsive and pixel-perfect across all kinds of mobile devices.

No matter what device or OS your users are using to browse your network, they will have a great user experience.

Cache system:

Fuzzy and delayed load speed create a bad impact on the user experience. With CodeCanyon WoWonder, your social network will be lightning-fast loading speed. As it is a key concern to provide a great user experience.

To do that, WoWonder has been developed with a powerful caching system. Once you enabling it, your website will load at a super-fast speed.

User Privacy:

If you want to run your social network, you must put extra effort into privacy settings. If you don’t prioritize user’s privacy, your business is not ready for the long run. That is why the

WoWonder script comes with the best security solution.

It gives you extensive control over your site. So that you can provide privacy and security to your users. Your users will be able to control who can follow them, send messages, post on their timeline, and more.

Link: Click here to learn more about WoWonder’s features.

WoWonder Pricing Plans


Now you can get this outstanding CodeCanyon WoWonder script with these three affordable pricing plans. And create your very own social media platform with ease. Each of these plans comes with a one-time payment.

No more recurring fees. Plans are given below-

Basic – get this plan at $125 only.

  • Get Lifetime updates
  • 6 months support package.
  • All of the features are included.

Advanced – get this plan at $170 only.

  • Get Lifetime updates.
  • 1-year support package.
  • All of the features are included.
  • Get installation service.

Extended – get this plan at $399 only.

  • Receive lifetime updates.
  • 6 months support package.
  • All of the features are included.
  • Get installation service
  • Modify source code and sell it to 3rd-party users.
Link: Click here to get your copy of WoWonder.


  • WoWonder script is easily customizable. You can personalize each part of your social network.
  • The one-time payment seems the best deal to me.
  • Payment options have given it an extra layer of strength.
  • Comes with a user-friendly yet powerful admin panel. You will be able to control your entire site from here.
  • WoWonder also has API support. With allows your users to log in to other websites using your social network.
  • WoWonder is responsive across any mobile device.
  • Users can find friends in real-time by searching. They can also filter with Relationship or Gender.


  • Due to the server and technical reasons, WoWonder can only handle users over a million or so.
  • Only two layouts have been added. I want WoWonder to add more layouts.
  • Installation service is only available for the Advance package.

WoWonder review (Conclusion)

In the end, I’ve found the WoWonder script as the best PHP script for social networks. It is packed with powerful features that give you extensive control over your social network. If you want to build a social network but don’t have advanced knowledge in coding, go for the WoWonder script.

Moreover, the one-time pricing plan is another reason why you should get the WoWonder script. If you want the developer to install the script and build your social network, go for the advanced plan.

Download WoWonder – PHP Social Network Script

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